What to do when it all feels too hard – Part 1 of Getting off Struggle Street.

How many times have you said to yourself “I’ve had enough of this?” Are you feeling spent, ready to give up, overwhelmed with seemingly no answers in sight? And I bet you are tired of the constant grind of the so called lesson after lesson lovingly provided by the Universe. (Did you detect my sarcasm?)…

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#TBT – An interview with UK Medium Tony Stockwell

This weekend I’m spending a day studying Mediumship with the world renowned UK Medium Tony Stockwell. Tony Stockwell and I at Omega Institute New York, 2011 Tony is a huge inSpiration to many mediums the world over, including myself.  Beyond his exceptional level of evidence and ability as a medium Tony exemplifies what Mediumship truly…

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Are you challenged with people and situations that diminish your true self?

How often do you find yourself encountering situations that steal your power? Find yourself trying to retrieve it from another or being left feeling diminished after engaging in life circumstances or interactions with others that diminish who you are? You know those situations I’m talking about.  Conflict that never resolves and shows itself in repeating…

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How to identify you live knowing you are spirit

Soul Secret #1: Live in the Knowing You are Spirit

One of the most common phrases sprouted by people with a spiritual outlook is “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”. Personally I think this term is overused and often voiced without people giving it any real thought to what it actually means.  If you truly lived knowing you are a Soul first and…

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