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The Importance of Gratitude

  In today's Facebook Live video I share three benefits of working with a daily practice of gratitude. Creating a positive mindset Increasing your awareness Growing into a deeper understanding of Acceptance The Importance of Gratitude Posted by Kerrie Wearing on...

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Learning to Just ‘BE’

One of the hardest challenges I encounter as a soul traveller is my ability to maintain the sacred space of “Being”. A space where you let go of the need to try and achieve and instead hold the space of acceptance and willingness that all is as it needs to be right in...

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Who Am I – Part 2

On Sunday I was, yet again blinded by the feeling of not knowing who I am or what I am about anymore with my work. I do know who I am as a mum. I also know I am as a friend and I am catching glimpses of being who I want and need to be in a relationship. Though when it...

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