About Kerrie

Hello there my fellow Soul Traveller,

Thankyou for stopping by and welcome to my online home.


I am super passionate about two things.  Manifesting my dream life from the magic of my soul and country music.

Though I’m guessing you are here because you too have an interest in manifesting from that deeper part of who you are – where all the juicy parts of your soul reside 😉

It might surprise you to know that there is much more to manifesting your dreams than just a positive mindset.  Sure it helps, though there are other influences such as Destiny, your pre-birth Soul agreements and that ever challenging, ever present side of you known as your ego self.  A side of you that is best loved, not resisted.

My Soul purpose is to help people like you, not just manifest your dream life but to help you realize and manifest your dreams and aspirations from the magic of your Soul. Which I know encompasses your Soul purpose along with the inherent need for you to be of service in this world.  If you feel this calling, then congratulations.  While you may not yet know how you are meant to be of service  in this life, rest assured you are connected to your Soul through this simple urge to be of service and the rest will follow in time.

One of my favourite quotes is by Mohandas Ghandi.

I offer you peace, I offer you love, I offer you friendship.

I see your beauty, I hear your need, I feel your feelings.

My wisdom flows from the highest source.

I salute that source in you.

Let us work together for unity and love.

This quote exemplifies the work I do and how I connect with you.  I will see your highest potential often when you can’t and my belief in you and what you are capable will light the way for the work we do together.

Having been through my own personal 20 year journey of self belief, discovering my true soul purpose and now manifesting the reality of my own dream life.  I have developed a unique ability to communicate mediumistically with your Soul, your Spirit and its connections to this great Universe.  All designed to reveal the secrets you need to help you align and match your vibration to the soul of your goal and cultivate your dream life.

Like many people, my search for answers began with the loss of a loved one. Dealing with my grief I turned to books and seeking community with others in Spiritual development groups and the Spiritualist church. Before this time, I had no recognizable psychic talent nor did I forsee where my journey would lead.

Through hardwork & dedication I developed my psychic and mediumship abilities to the standard they are today. I believe that we are all born with these abilities and they only need to be nurtured to reach their full potential, as I did and therefore today she is still very committed to teaching others and sharing her understandings with others on a very personal level.

My professional career began modestly in 1997 with regular readings for private clients and demonstrating in churches, all the while going from strength to strength with my new found psychic abilities. As my journey continued, my abilities expanded to include all areas of mediumship and I found my work as a psychic and medium reflected this change.

In 2003 I began conducting in-home demonstrations for those that wanted to hear from loved ones in Spirit in a more intimate environment. It was also at this time that my journey into teaching became a focus. Then surprisingly during 2005 the inspiration for ACOM would take hold. Having always valued the work of traditional spiritualists and The Arthur Findlay College in the UK, and after a recent visit to The Learning Light Foundation in Southern California, I was inspired to bring to Australia the best of both worlds. So, in just a few months I would take my small development circles and transform them into the Australian College of Mediumship.

At the beginning of 2008, the inSpiration came to create inSpirit Magazine and also created the paranormal arm of ACOM with the establishment of regular ghost tours at Berrima Courthouse and a variety of other venues. During this time, Kerrie appeared on the TV documentary Paranormal Investigators and was involved in the shooting of another TV pilot, The Believers at Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia’s most haunted private residence. In 2012, the ghost tours at Berrima closed as the time came to say goodbye and continue to expand and grow in other ways.

December 2012 saw Kerrie publish her first book A New Kind of Normal; Unlock the Medium.  My  second book Wisdom of the Soul; Create the life you want with the JOY of living from the Soul was published in April 2015.

I live in Sydney, Australia with my two adult children, Nathan and Jessica, our Shitzu cross Scruffy and our cat Phoenix. And as I mentioned earlier I live a not so secret life as a Country Music fan.

All of this life experience enables me to be of service to you in a way that taps into your Soul need and helps to create significant change for you.  Being that my capability to serve so many of you, one on one is limited I have developed a range of ways to connect with you online (I’m a techie at heart with a early job in IT pre-kids) where I can share insights and knowledge so you can grown, expand and achieve greater Soul success.

Firstly I highly recommend signing up to my Soul Magic Weekly Oracle.  Each week I take the time to connect with the Soul of the Universe, harvesting insights and information that will empower you to manifest a week that is more lovingly aligned with your Soul and the truth of the Universe.  It’s here you’ll also here about what I’ve got happening in the way of online programs, special offers and when I may be visiting your area with an event.

Of course, you will find me active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Where I regularly host facebook live events to connect with you more personally.  Plus you will also find a wealth of helpful video on my youtube channel.

My website also offers you a variety of tools and resources designed to serve your need for information on manifesting and living from the Soul.  There are my books, cards and online programs which are growing all the time and my blog is a haven for those living a life experienced with love and awareness of the Soul.

Just one last thing, I’d like you to know.  I do love connecting with like minded people and would not like to think you could be sitting there right now worrying or challenged when you may not realise that asking the right question could hold your answer.  So please do not be shy in reaching, aksing and saying hi.  It’s what I’m here for.

with love & gratitude,

Kerrie xx