This is the third and final blog for CMC 2017 week and as I mentioned in the first blog my friend Roisin and I opted to stay in downtown Ipswich and communte to Willowbank the home of CMC as opposed to camping on site.

We stayed at the Central Ipswich Motel thanks to another friend Lisa who hooked us up. The hotel was acceptably clean, good parking, met your basic needs and the owners where friendly and accommodating. The traffic was loud at first though we adjusted to that quickly and didn’t really find it an issue.

If you are after comfortable, affordable accommodation that is central to town then this place needs to be on your list. I’ll let you in on a little secret, we even had one of the CMC Australian Artists staying there too.

Ipswich can be a little quiet when it comes to things to see and do, however the town has embraced CMC as an annual event recognizing the tourist dollar it means, so Ipswich is behind the event and supporting it with additional events that welcome you in such as the Thursday night Big Barn Dance. We found the Ipswich welcome pack a great idea and if only we could remember to take the discount vouchers with us when heading out to eat it would be even better.

We found two favourite places to eat at where the food has us going back for more and the staff were welcoming, friendly and took the time for a chat. I love that about the country.

First stop for Thursday lunch and final stop Sunday dinner was the Nu Orleans café on Limestone Street. Creole cuisine with a couple of good vegetarian options namely the Vegetarian lasagna a $10 lunch special and the Vegetarian pasta, both of which I enjoyed.

The other favourite was Dusty’s Bar & BBQ on Brisbane Street. An American themed bar which is a favourite with the locals and which has crab cakes that are to die for. Our only disappointment was they were closed Sunday night when we wanted a repeat of our Thursday night dinner. City girls not used the country here.

Both of these restaurants need to be on your must do list when in Ipswich.

While stocking up on chocolate, drinks and snacks at the local Coles supermarket we stopped and asked the trolley attendant one simple question. “If you had a visitor to show around town for a few days where is the one place you would have to take them to?”

It took a little while for him to think of a response but eventually he suggested Queens Park and the Nature Center, which saw us visit on Saturday morning when we had some time to spare. Ipswich is quite proud of this attraction and we found it a pleasant way to pass some time.

The free flying bird aviary was popular and the Bilby was out for us to see. The Emu was unusually talkative and this little Wallaby was happy to pose for my camera. With entry fee or by donation, when in Ipswich the Queens Park Nature Center is well worth a visit.

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While Ipswich was lovely I’m not so sure that I would stay in town again next time I head to CMC. The mornings proved a little too quiet when your in CMC mode with limited options for breakfast, lucky you can always count on Macca’s. So either I suck it up and camp or we opt to stay in Brisbane and commute.

Incidently, we hired a car for our stay, which if you are not camping really is a must. We encountered people struggling to get to and from Willowbank which is about 20mins out of town and when it means late night travel the smart thing is to be prepared and share the driving. Makes for much less drama.

Did you stay in Brisbane during your CMC weekend? How did you find it and the travelling back from Willowbank after a long day?

Some one needs to start a business that will organize my camping needs, set up and pack up so I can just waltz in and all the hardwork is done. Princess here!   Any taker?

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Kerrie lives in Sydney, Australia with her family and is a not so secret country music fan.

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