Today I find myself unable to produce a Soul Magic personal forecast for a client as I sense something in the way of my heart and its ability to connect.  So I am here writing to allow for fluidity, flow and immersion in the energy that creates, allows wisdom and is me.

As my heart heals, I find that I am from time to time seeking answers to guiding and directing my life as I desire it to be yet I am fully aware that the real wisdom resides in the ability to be still, to listen and then receive.

**note: The piece turned into an inspired soul conversation from this point.  Italics is the wisdom channelled through my higher self and its connection to the Divine. Text in Bold is my human self questioning the wisdom as it flows**

“When the heart is open wisdom flows and so too does your creativity.  It’s energy force flows out into the Universe feeling it’s way and bringing forth all that you need.  Needs such as food, shelter and water, your basic needs are always taken care of if you allow it.

So are you saying even in the most hunger affected countries, the third world countries where people are still starving to death and without homes, that they can have those needs met.

Absolutely, if the wisdom is allowed to flow.

Fear is the greatest inhibitor, blocking all that you need from coming to you and will shut down the very energy needed to craft a life you desire or to have your needs met.  You have had many years of residing in such energy, some yours some not.  Now having let it go you are at the very beginning of emerging and forming a life that is without fear and knows only love.  The awareness is with you to craft a course such as this.

How does Destiny influence the road?

Aah the road less travelled.  The heart speaks only of destiny.  Your heart indicates with each hallmark of emotion that which is either aligned with your destiny or not.  There is no other path really.  You are either aligned with your destiny when walking in success or your not.  And where you are not does not look very pretty – it is painful, harmful at times and full of less than.

Abundance is the hallmark of a life lived in unison with the Divine.  It is what we have for you – it is the shine of abundance that spreads the light for others to see.  You only need let yourself be abundant by choosing a mindset that is support of such.


As I come to this point in my Soul Conversation I can’t help but thing that this all very interesting but what is so new about this information.  I’m not seeing anything new or mind blowing about this, in fact it feels very new age claptrap.

I hear “It is a collective thought pattern” meaning it is information I am receiving from the collective consciousness and while I honour this, it alarms me to some degree as I want deeper much more insightful information that can flick switches within people and change their lives especially if the Akashic records are now available to me.  As I type this up, I question further am I expecting too much, am I looking deeper than I need to or am I striving to reach where I never have before.  I suspect its the later as the connection in the energies confirms this form me.

I also begin pondering the idea of writing Book 3 in the style of Q&A as above.  I doubt for a moment being that it has been done with some of the most famous self help books that exist before I am reminded that this is how I journal.  This is how I access my own inner truth day to day, it is how I uncover all manner of intuitive information and I only need preface the book with this.  Sounds like a plan to me, what do you think?

Lastly the awareness of the current Universal eclipse energy floats by and I sense a limitation to the energy.  The eclipse energy is holding my our ability to access Truth and hence the reason I am not able to do the Soul Magic forecast today and why the ramblings from above seem to sound so wise yet in truth lack real substance and to me personally are not much more than regurgitated new age funk.

Looking in the mirror, this is what I see, what we all see yet there is a promise of so much more.  What is that promise? Are you willing to join me on the journey to finding out what lies beneath?


with love and JOY,

Kerrie xx

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Kerrie Wearing is soul coach and medium with a passion to help spiritually motivated people manifest their dreams. Her new ventures The JOYgasm effect podcast, and the soon to be launched JOygasm club all support people the world over to engage the Magic of their Soul and manifest their dreams with JOY.  In fact, her 21 day JOYgasm challenge helps you to create the soul shift to more JOY in your life.  It is free when you sign up here.
Over the last 20years Kerrie has worked tirelessly in the spiritual fields seeing clients, conducting workshop and events, owning and operating The Australian College of Mediumship and inSpirit Magazine and is now honoured with clients from all over the world. Kerrie has published two books, A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within and Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with love & inspiration and she is currently writing her third book.
Kerrie lives in Sydney, Australia with her family and is a not so secret country music fan.


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