Sexy Soul Magic Intuition Oil Blended


Supercharge your Intuition with this Sexy Soul Magic signature oil blend


Blended with Doterra Oils, this blend is designed to support your Intuitive development and enhance your spiritual connections to the Universe.

CLARY SAGE: Works with your brow (third eye) chakra supporting you to see your limiting beliefs while opening your creative channels.  It teaches your Spirit how to use your divine spiritual gifts and is extremely helpful in clarifying your spiritual vision.

FRANKINCENSE: Is the Oil of Truth inviting you to let go of negativity and recall your spiritual understandings, your wisdom, gifts and knowledge that your soul brought into this world.

TEA TREE (Melaleuca): Works to support you with healthy energetic boundaries, releasing toxic relationships be they with people in the living or with spiritual beings.  This oil will provide your grounding and help you to recognise the part of you that will work towards maintaining these boundaries.

Comes in a 10ml Roller bottle blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Perfect to use on the 3rd eye, your temples, wrists and even the soles of your feet to make use of the wisdom of reflexology.


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