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Oracle Cards highlight a cheating boyfriend

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Written by Kerrie Wearing

February 18, 2020

When Natalia kept pulling out the DECEIT card from the Sandra Anne Taylor Energy Oracle Cards, little did she know the message it held for her.

Not only had he lied about his age, but this woman said she was his current girlfriend.

I found Natalia Kay’s story so interesting that I wanted to share it with you. 

Please tell me a little about yourself and how you come to be a user of Oracles cards.

Psychic ability has been a long-standing practice in my family.  On mum’s side of the family, all of the women read Turkish coffee cups, plus number patterns with the analogue clock, plus always utilising natural therapy treatments rather than seeing a doctor, superstition and old wives tales (i.e. itchy palms relate to money, etc.).  It was a normal part of my growing up and I would say that I’m the 4th generation in my family to use psychic abilities (to my knowledge).  I’ve been having psychic card readings since my early 20’s (I’m now 46) and was always fascinated by it, but back then, it wasn’t really something you talked about openly, and you certainly couldn’t find card decks in shops or online like you do now.  My now ex Mother-in-Law still says it’s the work of the devil.

I had a massive career change about 5 years ago, after working in business administration for 20+ years.  I hated going to work, and some of the people I was working with were energy vampires.  I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.  I walked out of that job, and started looking around for what else I could do.  I signed up to do a massage therapy course which I completed in a few months, and began working straight away as a massage therapist in a day spa.  It’s quite boring to only do massage, so I then signed up to study Nutrition full time at Uni for 3 years.  In that time I have also completed my Reiki practitioner training, became a Lomi Lomi massage therapist and registered my business ‘Nourish Bodywork & Wellbeing’.

Working in the wellbeing industry, it’s made me aware of how much healing is needed in people today.  It’s no longer seen as ‘indulgence’ to do something for yourself.  People are wanting healing, and it’s my role as a practitioner to help facilitate that, and that can be by offering a Reiki session or a Lomi Lomi massage or changing someone’s diet to help their physical, emotional or mental needs.  I don’t think of myself at the healer.  I prefer to be known as the facilitator who helps the individual heal themselves.

Within the last 5 years I have noticed a considerable change in peoples attitudes towards card use, readings and psychic ability, and all-of-a-sudden it became easy to buy card decks either online or in shops, book in for a reading with a psychic, attend wellbeing expos, etc.  So the first deck of cards I purchased were the Doreen Virtue Archangel Guidance Cards, and I basically purchased them because it was the first time I saw someone actually selling card decks. I now have a collection of 25 different card decks: oracle, reading, wellbeing and tarot cards.  I have put a ban on myself from buying any more decks but there are a few that I am still wanting to add to my collection from practitioners I admire.

My usual practice is to pull a daily card for myself, and I rotate the decks so that I’m constantly utilising the different card decks.  There are some decks that I only use on occasion such as my Children’s Wellbeing Cards, which I only allow children to use.

What benefit do you feel Oracle cards bring to your life?

The Oracle cards are definitely interesting to work with.  Tarot cards can sometimes bring a sense of negativity depending on which card you choose and can easily lead to misinterpretation.  What I like about the Oracle cards is that they usually have a direct message for the recipient.  

As I mentioned earlier, I usually do a single card pull daily from one of my decks.  With the Tarot decks the card I pull can often lead to more confusion for me, or wanting to know more information, so therefore wanting to pull more cards.  With the Oracle decks I never need to pull extra cards.  I know that the message the Oracle card is giving me will present itself in some way.

I also understand that all cards are not a true science, they are guidance only and that my own free will can change outcomes.   

Please tell me about your experience with how the Oracle cards let you know about a cheating partner.

A few years back, I was doing my daily card pull and rotating the decks.  I had noticed a strange pattern with one particular deck, Sandra Anne Taylor Energy Oracle Cards.  The DECEIT card started appearing.   At first I just thought that it was probably a group of bitchy women that I knew were badmouthing me (karma ladies, what goes around, comes around).  Around that same time I had met a man, and started somewhat of an odd relationship.  Odd in that I had red flags immediately and I actually ended the relationship after only a few days.  He was younger than me, and I thought that maybe the age difference is what was nagging at me.  But the red flag was there and I thought to myself ‘There is something weird with this guy, I’m not going to chase him, if he’s interested he knows how to find me’.

My overthinking brain got the better of me, and I started using that deck more often in my rotation, nearly daily.  And again and again, that darn deceit card kept appearing.  I got to the point where I started getting quite anxious and I thought to myself ‘what is going on, what or who is deceiving me’.  And then I even began thinking that I was deceiving myself somehow.  I just couldn’t work it out but I knew there was a message there.  I continued to pull that card for around 2 months.  No other card was coming out from that deck.

At the same time the man I had met had continued to make contact with me and we spoke and texted casually, and caught up once in person.  I still kept getting red flags with this guy and some of things he would do was to call me and say he was on his way to my place, and he would be there in 10 minutes, and never turn up. 

He eventually admitted that he lived in a different town to where he initially said he lived, he told me about other children he had had in addition to the 3 he did tell me about, and there seemed to be a lot of changes to what he had initially told me when we first met.  He even told me he had had brain cancer twice.  I finally ended things after he again said he was coming to see me and never turned up.  That was the final straw for me.

After a few days and my overthinking brain turned into investigative brain.  I decided I would look up this guy and see if I could find him on a dating website.  Took me 2 minutes and there he was.  His profile was active and had the same pathetic story he told me about wanting to find love, blah, blah, blah, but then I noticed his age.  It was 4 years younger than what he told me his age was.  I then started looking around on FB and found he had a 2nd FB account.  The age there matched the dating profile age.  I kept looking on FB and found a profile of his previous girlfriend.  So I casually sent her a PM just to ask if she could confirm his age.  This is where all of his lies started to unravel.  Not only had he lied about his age, but this woman said she was his current girlfriend.  She asked who I was, and I said that we had been seeing each other for a few months.  She said she was dumping him and blocking him on FB as well as telling me a few other things about him.  My FB search continued and I looked at the page of a local nightclub that often displays happy snaps of their Saturday night guests.  Guess who was there, with another female!!!!   The comments from other people on the photo were ‘you guys are so good together’, ‘so happy for you both’.   This was the same night he said he was coming to see me and never turned up.   I instantly felt sick to my stomach.  There it was, the deceit.  He was cheating on girlfriend #1 with me, and then cheated on me with a third woman.  The idiot then started ringing me and blaming me for ruining his court arrangements with his children.  Turns out he was only allowed to see his children if he was in a relationship with girlfriend #1.  Over the next few days more and more information came out, more phone calls and texts about how I ruined his life.  He even tried to deny his age again and said it was a typo.  I couldn’t believe how many lies this idiot had told. 

Going back to my daily card pull, and the deceit card didn’t appear again.  I still feel a sense of nervousness when I use that deck, but now it’s been about 4 years and the deceit card has only been drawn once since then.  That experience really showed me how powerful these cards can be.  Even though I had red flags about this guy, the cards were trying to give me the message that more was going on behind the scenes.

I ran into that guy a few months later, and girlfriend #1 had taken him back.  A few months later again I saw him in the city, and he was with the third woman.  I just thought to myself how stupid these women were.  He had been caught out and they chose to take him back.

Did that change how you used Oracle cards at all? After that how did you approach those times when the Oracle was a little unclear as was the case with the deception.

I didn’t change how I used Oracle cards after that experience.  Life has become a little bit busier so I don’t always do a daily pull but when I do, I take note of the card and its message.  Its really only been when the card repeats that I take more notice of it, but that hasn’t happened to the extent of the above situation.   I now prefer to use Oracle cards more as my daily pull rather than other decks.

Looking back what did you learn about using Oracles cards from that experience

I think for me, it showed a strong connection between the cards and myself.  That particular card set has not been touched by anyone else and that could be why there is such a strong connection.  They were trying to warn me about a situation, and even though I knew this guy wasn’t genuine, the cards were still trying to get my attention as best as they could.  No other deck was giving me that message.

Natalia, how can people get in touch with you? Do you do readings?

I’m based in Grovedale, which is a suburb in Geelong.  I offer Naturopathic Nutrition consultations (focusing on fertility, skin and children but happy to deal with all health conditions), Aromatherapy Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Kahuna Lomi Lomi Massage, Reiki Healing and Reiki Massage.

My website is www.nourishbodywellbeing.com

I don’t advertise readings but the current cards I use in my Nutrition practice are the Bach Flower remedy cards.  This is a 6-card pull and it focuses on what flower essences the recipient needs to currently use.

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