Every CMC is filled with moments of Joygasm that evoke happiness, inspiration and help you to forget about what may be plaguing your life with worry.

For many it is the catching up with friends you see at CMC each year, it’s the meeting of new friends or it’s those little moments of connection you have with your favourite artist.

Just like my moment of meeting Drew Baldridge 

My friend Kerry Farrow shares that her CMC joygasm was Friday night after standing down the front for seven hours (necessity if you want front row hoe positions for the big name acts), she managed to get Manny Medina’s, bass player for Kip Moore attention when he gave her a little wave and a smile that made her heart melt and took away the pain she was feeling in her feet.


No need to explain why Manny is a favourite for both Kerry and myself.

Photo Credit: Julie Rowan





My personal highlight for the weekend CMC festival was the Sunday songwriter session. This is where the artists come together in an acoustic session and share the stories behind writing the songs we hear and sing along to.

In this session was Australia’s own Morgan Evans.  Sorry Morgs, the speakers in the way so here’s another shot.

Brett James, author of such songs as Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take the Wheel and Kenny Chesney’s When the Sun Goes Down.


Eric Paslay who’s first number one hit as a songwriter was Jake Owen’s Barefoot Bluejean night while also writing this brilliant song (below) about chasing your dreams.  Even if it Breaks your Heart.

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Chris Destafano, a songwriter and producer who is currently working with Morgan Evans and wrote Carrie Underwood’s Good Girl among many others.

Artist Tyler Farr who has hits with Redneck Crazy, Whiskey in my Water and a Guy Walks into a Bar. Australia is going to love Tyler forever after his new love of Shoey’s. A validation and expression of his love for the Australian country music fan. Never mind that some of us had to ask what a shoey was.

This paired back session spoke to me with its sense of realness and authenticity. It was simply a group of super talented writers getting together and sharing a side of themselves we don’t often get to see. A glimpse behind the polished performances you see on stage.  It spoke deeply to the author in me as I found myself wanting to ask questions about their creative processes and how a song comes together. So Brett James, if your up for interview I’d appreciate it.

As I found myself kicking myself for not having attended a songwriters session before (the standing in line for hours to get in doesn’t work for me), I also determined that my upcoming Nashville visit for CMA fest would consist of more of this style of event than the big shows. So my intuition not to buy stadium tix for the nightly shows just made a lot more sense. Don’t wait to experience a CMC Songwriters session like I did, put it down on your must do list for next year. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Over on a soul level the weekend proved to be a significant turning point for me. Besides being intuitively drawn to go, in the lead up to the weekend I was being given insight that I would experience change that would be significant enough to tilt my world on its axis.

Throughout the weekend with the help of Roisin I came to appreciate the need to blog about my CMC experience. One of my 2017 soul centered intentions is to bring my two passions of country music and spirituality together in my life and my biz, though to be honest I have no idea how to do that or where it will lead. I recently opened this door with the interview I did for my podcast who the Joygasm effect with Australian singer songwriter Katrina Burgoyne and these blogs now feel like I am firmly cementing this direction while expanding the door even more wide open.

These actions have spiritually resulted in a new Spirit Guide making themselves known which for the last day or two has left me feeling not quite myself as I assimilate to this change and his presence. This energy is manifesting in the form of Jesus, who I have connected with many times throughout my spiritual life. This usually is at times when I need faith and he steps forward to guide me to that. This time however feels quite different as I sense he is here to share wisdom through me, to inspire me with new knowledge, to guide me in bringing through soul magic universal insights to share and explore with my fellow soul travelers.

This is exciting and I am certain will result in me doing a lot of writing over the coming months. It certainly also personally indicates that the role country music plays in my life is going to expand and change even if right now I can’t see how. There is however no co-incidence, only synchronicity that it took the CMC weekend to create this significant soul shift and for Jesus to take the Wheel.

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If only I knew that Jesus Take the Wheel was going to be so significant, I would have filmed that.  But alas When the Sun Goes Down will have to suffice.

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Kerrie Wearing is soul coach and medium with a passion to help spiritually motivated people manifest their dreams. Her new ventures The JOYgasm effect podcast, and the JOygasm club all support people the world over to engage the Magic of their Soul and manifest their dreams with JOY.  In fact, her 21 day JOYgasm challenge helps you to create the soul shift to more JOY in your life.  It is free when you sign up here.
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Kerrie lives in Sydney, Australia with her family and is a not so secret country music fan.

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