Mother’s Day usually starts with a round of gift giving and if you are really spoilt, Breakfast in bed.  Today I was lucky enough to receive both.  I’m a little excited to get into my new WII fit plus.  Its seems my health is real focus this year.

Mother’s day is one of my favourite days of the year, as now that my children are older they always manage to make me feel loved and appreciated.

If there is one day when you should take a moment to recognise all that you do for other, then today is that day.  Whether you have children or not, I am sure there are literally hundredss of moments a year when you are putting other peoples needs ahead of your own.  Be it for your children, your parents, your partner and even your friends.

So why not take a moment to recognise this and appreciate it for the gift of love that it is.  You do it because you love those you care for and that in itself is an act of spirituality.

bouquet-of-flowers-57477_640A Virtual Bunch of Flowers for You.


To all of you, who today are missing your Mum for she is now in heaven. Please accept my love and blessings and please know that the bonds of love transcend this world and that she is literally a thought away.  Send her your love, honour her in some way and believe me she will make herself known with a thank you.  All you need do is look out for it.

Perhaps you have already had your sign from above.   Tell me how your Mum has reached out to you recently. The spirit world can be soooo amazing at times.  I know in recent days, I’ve had a visit from my brother as he wafts the smell of cigarette or alcohol. Even if your not sure, share away.


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