The time has come for me to finally step more fully into who I truly am.  This year has created the freedom for me to do this on many levels and my business is going to feature in this in a big way.  So here is the first of many changes I’d like to tell you about.

Over the last few years I have offered two styles of private consultations – Mediumship to connect with your loved ones and my Soul Conversations providing coaching and soul guidance.  I am now being guided to focus more specifically on the soul guidance work I do, creating a much more unique offering.

I am blessed with the ability to be able to communicate mediumistically with your Soul and Spirit in detail to uncover all that you need to know when manifesting your dreams and goals.  This includes the vision of your highest potential, your blocks, fears and old manifesting patterns that get in the way to soul agreements that may be influencing your ability to achieve your dream.

This really is the stuff that gets my rocks off.  Manifesting from the soul fuels my everyday,  It is what I wake up thinking about, love talking about with others and I know that more and more people are seeking this kind of information as we all take our spirituality to greater depths.  We all want the key to Being in Flow.  The only thing is though – there is no formula as some would have you believe.  While there is certainly a process of evolution for the Soul and common challenges that we all encounter, achieving being in your creative flow is a highly personal thing.

Going forward, in the interest of streamlining and aligning more closely with my own soul I will now only be offering one style of private consultation.


My Soul Alignment Sessions are specifically focussed on the dream and/or goal you are working towards, creating a more highly attuned connection so you receive as much information as possible in the time we have together while working towards having you in greater soul alignment with the vibration of the soul of your goal.

Bookings are open now and you will find more information here

I’m super excited about this change and can’t wait to right into the heart of this work.

with love & gratitude,

Kerrie xx

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