I’m super excited to start the new year off this my new Podcast show, The JOYgasm Effect

In this first episode of the JOYgasm effect you are introduced to your host Soul Coach and Medium Kerrie Wearing and we delve into the Soul of 2017.

Episode #1 includes the following Soul Conversations:

  • Get to know your host Kerrie Wearing and how she came to discover her Mediumship ability.
  • What happened to have her choose JOY and how did telling an Angel to f**k off help.
  • A little insight to the soul of 2017 and how it is helping you move toward your dreams.


CLICK HERE to listen.  First airing is Wednesday 4th Jan at 1pm AEDT.

with love & gratitude,

Kerrie xx

p.s Should you know of anyone that who like to be featured on the JOYgasm effect with an interview, product review and the like.  Please get in contact.



I am passionate about helping spiritually inspired people like you to manifest your dream life with the magic that lies within your soul.  I believe the answers you seek to achieve soul success lie within you, your soul and its connection to the Universe.  And so, you will find that my blog, my website and all of my work is crafted from my soul to provide you with the inspiration, the wisdom,tools and techniques to assist you with tapping into your very own Soul Magic.

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