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Putting together this Healing issue of inSpirit Magazine, at times has felt overwhelming, with the late submissions and the regular contributor resignations, I couldn’t help but feel like it was all falling apart and slipping through my hands.

Every issue of my magazine is inSpired by Spirit and the connection I have with it runs deep enough that it’s creative energy flows through my life with the signs, symbolism and synchronicity playing out as the Soul of each issue reflects itself in my life and usually in a variety of ways.  And this issue was no different.

So each time it was getting a little too much to bare, I reminded myself of one of my favourite quotes.

“Sometime when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place” Author Unknown

I questioned whether the road was coming to an end for inSpirit after 7 years, yet couldn’t comprehend why now, the Universe would choose to finally provide the opportunity for inSpirit to become an App on Itunes and Google Android.  Surely, this long held wish would have remained unanswered if the end was neigh.

It was also perplexing to not feel the next issue.  Usually as one is drawing to close for content and design I feel the inSpiration taking shape for the following issue.  To not feel this, added to my concern.  The only feeling that kept me sane was an intuitively inkling that it was not really the end, but a new beginning where inSpirit begins to evolve into a new version of itself.

Finally, I could begin to understand the Healing energy that was occurring around the creation of this issue.

inSpirit Magazine had come full circle into completeness and had completed its orginal Soul Purpose for this evolution.

Completing 7 years of serving the Australian psychic and spiritual community, supporting new writers to gain confidence and experience while providing a springboard for them to move onto new adventures.  A lot of our writers have served you beautifully, by tapping into their Soul and Spirit, expressinWood Sheep 150dpi Scang their truth in words so you may gain the benefit of their wisdom and this current issue on Healing is offered to you with the exact same love and wisdom.

Within it’s 34 pages, you will find an intuitive look at what 2015 can hold for us all, with my 2015 – A Soul Conversation and Nicolle Poll’s insights into the Chinese Year of the Wood Sheep.

Alex Cayas has a wonderful interview with Australian Author Karina Machado and how Love Never Dies.

Laura Naomi explores where Shamanism and Music meet to heal as she speaks with American medicine man Rusty Baldeagle Myers.

And Nicola McIntosh brings a delicate lightness to the energy with her article on Faery Reiki.

There are our regular contributions of Moon Magic by Amanda Coppa, For the Love of Angels and the inSpired personal stories of healing from the team.

This issue saw the last contributions for Natasha Heard and Kye Crow, both of whom have served inSpirit and you our readers, so lovingly over the last couple of years.  Thank you ladies, we have been blessed to work with you and we know you’ll go on to continue inSpiring others.


Fittingly, this reflects the letting go aspect of the Healing energy of this issue and with looking towards the next evolution of inSpirit, we have decided to say goodbye to our Pagan content and the Goddess column for now.  The full appreciation of inSpirit’s new evolution is yet to fully reveal itself, though I’m sure it’ll come together slowly over the next six months.  What I do know, is that it feels right to let go of some of the metaphysical nature of inSpirit and embrace a little more of the mainstream topics, guests and writers to expand and bring you a wider variety of living your truth everyday.

Hence our new subtitle:

inSpirit Magazine – Spiritual Solutions for Soul Centered Living

What won’t change is the love of living a soul centered life, living our own truth and the professionalism and integrity we bring to creating this magazine for you.

Lastly, right now the energy and timing is ripe for me to creatively redefine the new Soul Purpose for inSpirit Magazine incorporating what we want it to be along with what the soul of the magazine itself wants to be.  I’d love for you to contribute and be a part of this creative process, by offering your ideas  and thoughts on what you love to see from inSpirit Magazine.  What do you want more of?



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