Does the world some times overwhelm you with noise? You know those moments when it all feels a little too much and overcrowded around your head with thought and noise.

 If so then it is well worth considering that you are clairaudient, especially if you literally feel like you hear voices in your head.

Recently I was at Cairns airport travelling home to Sydney after a weekend away and while having coffee in the airport lounge I became aware that at the next table was young mum who needed a message from me.

I didn’t know why needed to know she is clairaudient and can hear Spirit. I just knew she needed to know this.

When I first approach someone in this way I always introduce myself as a psychic medium and then say specifically ‘I have a message for you, if you would like to hear it?’ This way they can say No if they need to, though that is yet to happen.


Anyway as it turned out this lady thought she was going crazy hearing voices so to hear from me that this wasn’t the case and she was being approached by the Spirit world really made a difference for her and hopefully it opened a door for her to explore that part of who she is.

This is sometimes how unrecognized clairaudience, the ‘clear-hearing’ psychic ability can feel and is difficult to determine if you have that ability or not. Here is some of what you may experience as a clairaudient being:

  • You often hear muffled voices or sounds especially when going to sleep.
  • You randomly think about your loved ones in Spirit or others while performing mundane tasks such as driving or ironing.
  • At times you think someone spoke to you or called your name only to find they didn’t.
  • You often find yourself hit with inspiration and new ideas.
  • You learn through the auditory channels, which means things like hearing navigation instructions is easy for you to process. Where as I need to visually see a map.

If you’d like to determine whether being clairaudient is your psychic strength or not then you’ll find taking my quiz What is your psychic strength? will help to give you an idea as to which psychic ability is your strength.

Being clairaudient is understandably confusing at times when you are left not knowing why you experience as much thought as you or why you think the things you do. It is only when coupled with being able to appreciate how Mediumship or Empathic sensitivities work that you can perhaps understand how your clairaudience is just a part of the picture.


If only it was as insightful for us as this. LOL

with love & gratitude,


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