There comes a time in the souls journey when acceptance needs to find it’s way into the heart, creating peace, releasing resistance and allowing flow to guide the way.


I sit here writing, embracing acceptance as it pertains to my journey with inSpirit magazine and the lack of success I feel with it.  I was inspired to create inSpirit in 2007 with her first issue arriving in March of 2008.  This began a journey of eight years of writing, collaboration and publishing that served a need for those involved to grow in confidence with their writing, their network and to create opportunities for themselves.  This is where the true soul purpose of inSpirit laid, in the supportive nature of its contributor community.

This presented significant challenge for me as I battled with expectation of greater success and financial viability for those eight years.  Personally I never came to grips with allowing inSpirit to be who she needed to be and not who I wanted her to be – Australia’s premier spiritual magazine.

As I ready to launch a new magazine called Sexy Soul Magic, I hold a huge amount of trepidation and fear that I could be headed down the same road of experience even though I know myself to be a different person who does manifest much more successfully.  However, I can’t help but think that producing a magazine is a lot of work and effort if the end result sees little return, which sadly has been a pattern of mine in the past so I am ever conscious of effecting change where there is risk of this occurring.

While I know this is quite naturally common sense with most businesses, however when you create a business from the soul it requires that you look deeper into the sponsoring thoughts and beliefs and in this instance it indicates I am still holding on to expectation.  Expecting that Sexy Soul Magic is going to give me a return in some form, be it expanding my profile, connecting me to the right people or assisting with my financial flow.

Again in business these are not unreasonable expectations to hold however from previous experience I know they are detrimental to my success.  Therefore going forward I know I need to do this magazine differently.  First and foremost this means no expectations at all.  No goals and no intentions other than to share spiritual education in a fun, vibrant, down to earth and sexy way.  To achieve this Gem, my magazine partner and I are choosing to focus on having fun ourselves as the number one priority.  To explore, get out and about living our sexy spiritual lifestyles while sharing it with you with a view that our experiences will help you with yours, as I know it too again from previous experience.

Keeping this focus and putting our attention here will create the reality while allowing Sexy Soul Magic the magazine to guide the way for us.  Beyond that – it’s all a bonus.

The truth of it is though, not doing this will create disharmony, boredom and a magazine that will follow the same creative path as inSpirit ultimately leading to closure.  I am of course all too aware that it comes down to the choices I make, my mindset and how I choose to play it out.  Why even produce the first issue if all I am prepared to do is sit in old patterns and expectations! That in itself is not me and so of course I am opting for fun and JOY.

with love & gratitude,


P.S Do you have a fun and saucy event, product or service that aims to help people that you’d like to see featured in an upcoming issue Sexy Soul Magic?  Please get in touch  and remember outside the box is a good thing.

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing, a psychic-medium soul coach.

Clients come to me when they are feeling lost and confused about the direction of their life. I give them the intuitive soul guidance and direction they need to move forward with their life, with clarity, confidence and a lighter and more peaceful heart.

I’m different to other psychics because I’m not just going to give you some obscure, fluffy information that leaves you going “okay, but what do I even do with that?!” My work involves having a heart-to-heart with your soul and then lovingly coaching and guiding you through how to manifest what your soul wants for you. That means you leave with practical steps forward and way more confidence!

I’m a big advocate for the fact that we can all develop our psychic abilities, not exclusive to the few people “gifted” from birth. Everything I do is underpinned by the values of operating with the utmost integrity, creating a sacred, safe, non judgemental space to help my clients and to always be authentic self.

Monthly and Daily insights just like the above are available in my Soul Magic Members Lounge.  Its a great way to connect with me and gain support for you spiritual and mediumship development.

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