With Kerrie Wearing

Do you need clarity and direction?

Do you want to hear from a loved one in the Spirit world?

What do you need to know to manifest your hearts desire?


Whether we meet locally or you stream me live into your home,  these friendly and intimate events are a great way to receive messages from your loved ones, soul guidance and a little understanding of living your Soul’s purpose

Please note: I will aim for everyone to receive a reading, though I cannot guarantee being able to communicate with a loved in the Spirit world, or any particular loved one.  This aspect is controlled by those in the Spirit world.

Important Information:

There are two ways you may like to host your virtual event.
  • Have your friends and family in your home with a computer set up so I can stream in via zoom
  • Or 2 individually your group can be in their own homes and join me in our private zoom room.
  • A $60.00 (1 person) non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking
  • For in-person events travel time is strictly limited to 1hr travel time from Oran Park NSW unless by special request.
  • Minimum amount payable is $480.00 (8 guests).


I first began doing in home mediumship demonstrations in 2003 beginning a trend that now see’s these very popular events practiced world wide, bringing mediumship and healing into the living rooms of people every where.  After so many years, I am still honoured to create this opportunity for us to work together so you may heal, grow and expand into more love. 

with Love, Kerrie Wearing

The first time i got a reading from kerrie was a number of years ago at her campbelltown office, it was only a minute or so into the reading and she just blew me away with what she knew about my loved ones that had passed, i came away from that reading feeling very relaxed and loved from what i was told. She has also come to my home for a group reading and again it was mind blowing and very funny as i had forgotten about a certain person that had passed but he had not forgotten me.

Kerrie has a true gift and it is a great honor to be in her presence while she does he thing. Thanks Kerrie i still have recording of our first meeting i still listen to them every now and then and pick up on new things i missed.

Belinda Boyd


I have been utilising Kerrie for readings for close to 7 years now. She is spot on.

Everything she has guided me towards has come to fruition, even though at the time I had no idea how I was going to get there and thought she was a little crazy at times.

Kerrie’s guidance has helped me through some tough times and has allowed me to become the healer I am today. I can not recommend her highly enough 


Alison Morris

Alasana Hypnotherapy and Yoga, Sylvania Water NSW

Can I have less than the minimum of 8 people?

Sure you can.  I do ask that the minimum payment of $480.00 is still payable.  Asking your number of guests to pay is all ok.  For example 6 people paying $60 each is one way to manage this.

What happens on the night?

Once your guests arrive, Kerrie will begin delivering messages to your group.  We may break for refreshments with a 15min interval before finishing with another round of messages.

For a virtual event there are two ways you may like to host your event.
  • Have your friends and family in your home with a computer set up so I can stream in via zoom
  • Or 2 individually your group can be in their own homes and join me in our private zoom room.
The links needed are provided in your confirmation emails.
What happens if I need to cancel?

Rescheduling is always preferable and is free to do so. In the event of any cancellation you forfeit your $45.00 which was paid at time of booking.

How far will you travel?

Travel time is strictly limited to 1hr from Oran Park NSW unless via special arrangements

Important information for you and your guests


  • Your guests need to be in a comfortable room seated for the duration of approx 2hrs.
  • No small children are allowed due to the disruption this can entail for myself and your guests.
  • Teens under 18 are welcome.  Under 16 with a parent please.
  • Please keep alcohol to a minimum.  Sure, I want you to enjoy yourself and relax, however intoxication may see an end to our evening.
  • Phones are required to be turned off or put on silent and I do ask that people do not leave in the middle to take a phone call.  This is disruptive to proceedings for myself and your guests.
  • and I would love a cuppa, thankyou.