What a year 2016 has proven to be. When describing this year with a keyword, it is the word ‘Evolution’ that comes to mind. And as with all evolutionary processes it is not without heartache.

Today is Christmas day and for the first time in my life, I find myself alone for a part of it. I am finding this confronting and a little emotional as I watched my kids leave to spend lunch with their dad and his family. In no way to I begrudge this at all, I want them all to have a great time. I just find myself at a loss with what to do.

Sure in a few hours I can start cooking the evening meal, though for now it is me and my two fur babies. When alone my thoughts often become reflective and while I’d love to head on into 2017, the reality is I first must process and let go of 2016 before I can plan and intuit 2017 clearly and effectively.

When planning 2016 this time last year the intuitive insights that I received to mark the year’s overview were:

  • A New Life ✓
  • Moving House ✓
  • Biz on its wayI can certainly see this
  • Leaving the day job behind
  • Love Beginsthis is the only insight I question, as I can’t see it in physical form, though Spirit assures me the door is open.
  • TrustI had to do a lot of that
  • All that occurs is relevantyes I can see this looking back over the year
  • Even the time of aimlessness is leading me forwardNeeded to remind myself of this more often
  • Health is a big focus – ✓

All of these insights have applied to 2016 and the only one I question, as I can’t see it in physical form as yet is “Love Begins” though Spirit assures me the door is open.

2016 for me and a lot of people was a year full of challenge as we were all faced with the letting go and completing the spiritual learning of the last 9years. The year started with costly and inconvenient car trouble all designed to slow my progress down. It felt like I was banging my head against a brick walk for the first few months.

To be honest the first seven months felt like I was wading through mud trying to get to the other side and nothing I did made it any easier or free flowing. During this time I was letting go of my old life by way of property settlements, prepping and selling a house, find a new home and all the while ensuring that everyone involved was doing O.K. At times it felt like that old life was never going to let go of me, though once August hit and we were moving, I was certainly relieved and ready for some lightness as there were plenty of times over the previous 12months where I was on my knees with God saying I’d had enough.

While all this was the main focus and underlying emotional turmoil, peppered throughout 2016 there were a lot of firsts, some really great highs that deserve acknowledgment along with one devastating loss.

March saw a dreams come true weekend in Thredbo NSW. Part of our Snowy mountain region and this was my first visit, lucky for me it was too early for snow. Thredbo was holding the 2016 Snowy Mountains Country Music Festival, and was destined to be just how I like to do a music festival. Civilized, not too many people and intimate. I love it even if the promoters don’t.

My friend Lisa and I road tripped in her Mini for a weekend that heralded a new beginning regarding my conscious ability to manifest. With letting go of all the old as I was, this was allowing me to step more fully into my own power to co-create more effectively with the Universe. I got to meet Kip Moore twice (who wouldn’t want to do that), though he has yet to agree to an interview. I got to watch his performance getting completely soaked in the rain which was a first and felt like I was breaking down some of need to do everything properly, you know letting of the little wild in. Still a way to go with that.

We also met Australian music legend Daryl Braithwaite just walking through Thredbo village just after seeing him sing his legendary classic The Horses. A personal favourite, a Spirit message from my brother and any Australian 80’s kid knows what I’m talkin about.

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This was a country weekend that is going to be hard to surpass.

As April rolled around I was blessed with a surprise visit to Darwin to spend time with my oldest and dearest friend Narelle who has lived in Darwin for eight years. This was another first, which included a visit to the gorgeous Litchfield National Park. Beautiful and one of nature’s gifts if a little busy with tourists – ha myself included. It ended with some wedding dress shop for Narelle, and I can’t wait to go back next May to be bridesmaid for her. Another first.

Sadly, this high went very quickly into a low as the next day we had to say goodbye to our Toby. Devastatingly heartbreaking though I am grateful that myself and my two children got to say our goodbyes and I could be with him for this. I didn’t know if I could be that strong, but I am so glad I could do it. It still brings tears. Forever in our hearts little Toby.

Once through April it was over to the difficult times of negotiating property settlement arrangements and getting the house on the market. Slow and difficult while going through it and just glad I eventually got there. That mud bath was still at play.

Throughout this process and the journey of the last couple of years really, I have found new levels of intuition and insight with greater clarity, specificness and accuracy when it concerns my own life. This has helped me immensely to not just have faith, but to make those difficult choices aligned with my soul’s plan and to proceed through each challenge with greater awareness, forethought evoking love as opposed to egoic knee jerk reactions. Effectively calming a sea that could have potentially been a Tsunami.

It helped me to hold out for the house price I wanted and the buyer I could lovingly hand our family home to, knowing they would love and care for it too.

It saw our new home arrive in August after my new found conscious manifesting abilities kicked up a gear. This new home exceeded the order I had placed with the Universe. This lovely brand new townhouse ticked all the boxes and then some, including the bus for my daughter to get herself to work. In addition the Universe provided a second living room, a fourth bedroom for my office and a walk-in robe and ensuite bigger than I had previously all to myself. None of which were on my order, WTG big U. Having been here four months now, we love it and are very much at home.

Once the move was made and all the financial loose ends tidied up in September the last quarter of this year has flowed peacefully. Slowly I have been coming more and more into the energy of being who I am meant to be, not restricted by others, their expectations and wants being more important than my own. Sometimes we give too much of ourselves to satisfying others that you loose yourself in the process. This happened to me, whether it was my parents or my husband it was a lifelong pattern of meeting the needs of others before my own which sadly were never part of that equation. My emotional and spiritual needs were never understood, cared for or valued and therefore never met. This year I changed that and as a result I now have the freedom to be more me than ever before. To express those needs more freely and without judgment which then, means the Universe has a greater capacity to deliver and meet those needs because it can hear me more specifically and for the first time and now knows what my heart is asking for.

Besides manifesting the house, I am finally seeing my business reshape itself as a result of this new evolution in a way that speaks of forward momentum, growth and expansion. I can see the jigsaw puzzle coming together finally! After years and years of putting in a lot of effort and trying hard to create success but only seeing a lot of going around in circles, it feels great to know that I can finally feel that as I am being more of my authentic self, so to is my biz and this is very exciting to me. I can already see the flow is moving forward, no longer in circles and I have already hit my goal of leaving the day job, which has been on the goal list every year for the last four years. Only this year after standing in my own power I can tick it off and see the proof of what I am creating. I still need to focus on how to replace that income, just one little minor detail LOL. Not really though, because I know this will come.

I have more faith in my co-creative powers than previously and I have that gorgeous new car to prove it. To some Mojito the Mini may just be a car but not to me. To me she represents a new journey, a new way of being and a new life experienced with JOY, crafting life through wisdom and knowledge of the past and coupled with the feeling of JOY, love and intuition.

As I look back on 2016 there were a lot of great moments of JOY filtering through what was largely a very challenging year. Would I change any of it – No, for I do know that all of it was necessary as each and every step was leading to create the change I needed in my life to choose more Love, more JOY and to follow the path my Soul desires. I see the purpose in all of it and know without a doubt that I lived my highest potential for the 2016 that was before me.

Spiritually, the Universal energies of the last couple of years has been calling for us to be more of our authentic divine selves, whatever that takes.  Like me it may mean making big changes in your life to allow that truth to come through.  It is however, in this letting go process where many of your challenges present until such time as those hard and painful changes are made.  Should you resonate with this, please know you are not on your own though I do urge you to be courageous and strong to live who you truly are.  There is great freedom and reward in doing so, and if you are like me someone who can do nothing but honour the truth within, then there really is no choice in the matter but to get on with it and allow the Universe to have its way.

Looking forward I am super excited for 2017 as I feel I am going to continue to shape a life that is more aligned with the Spirit of me. Yes, there is more change to be had as I continue to co-create the life that my heart speaks of though how exciting is it that each day I get closer to that reality.

And you know what has hit me in this moment as even more empowering that that. Is the fact that I know I am the powerhouse of creativity that is driving that creation. I am the co-creator behind all the listening to my soul, intuiting, crafting and following the plan and I am more in charge and powerful at doing this than ever before.

Goodbye 2016 what a definitive year you were.

with love,

Kerrie xx

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