Feminine Spirit Sexy Soul Magic for July 2020

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Do all things in the authentic expression of you.

When I use my mediumship to communicate with the soul energy of the month of June, it is with the belief that creative energy threads through all that is and that we are all co-creative beings and connected to all that is.  This information is offered to enhance and support your efforts in manifesting and consciously co-creating your destiny, dreams and desires.

Keyword is Action

As I come to the Universal energies for July, my connection begins with the following:

  • Breakthrough – and I see a rocket headed skyward that I’ve been seeing for a few days.
  • I see a clairvoyant image of looking at a ball of magic light sitting in our hands and letting it go. I have a sense of calling forth this magic within you, gathering it in your hands
  • I hear that Belief is circumvented by action this month

June was a month of review and re-evaluating in regards to our soul purpose.  And now we move into July, a doing month.  A month to take action and build on from June where you symbolically prepare the soil, plant your seeds so that in the spring your efforts bloom and flourish.

This month shines a light on your way forward revealing itself and paving the way for you to be the  real you.  The you that is authentically aligned with your purpose and destiny.

This authenticity is the key factor for success and to bring balance between your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine being that the masculine practice of doing is dominant this month.

Do all things in the authentic expression of you.  Speak authentically, listen to your heart with integrity and act authentically on those moments inspiration.  It is this inspired action and authenticity this month that leads to moving you forward in alignment with your purpose and having the Universe deliver what you need to fulfil that purpose.

This includes the relationships you need to prepare the soil, and having the resources you need come into being when you need.  And it includes the continued learning and wisdom you need to step fully present into embodying that purpose.

Special mention for my fellow Feminine Spirit Mediums

July is your month to look at the why and where you are going with your Mediumship.  What nut do you need to crack open to experience what you desire (literally the clairvoyant image I saw).  It is time to create your business plan, even if that first stage of your business plan has to do with your learning more about your mediumship.

Craft a vision and develop your plan to get there.  This then gives the Universe something to work with.  I have a workbook  for you over in my Creative Heart Feminine Spirit Academy to support you with this.  Go here to become a member and get instant access

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (5th July)

Where are you holding yourself back from being you? From not fully stepping into the freedom of your authenticity and what it can bring you.

This is the place to start the month.  Looking honestly and with courage, allowing the Full moon on Sunday 5th July to support with this.  Being that the moon will be in Capricorn, yes it will take hard work and we will be releasing old ways the ego which can be painful at times.

I ask you though “If you where FREE to be you, on purpose and living the life you desire what would that look like for you?”

Loving these cards.  They speak of promises of hope and breakthrough energy to me for sure.

*Cards are from Yasmin Bolands – Moonology Orace deck

New Moon in Leo, 21st July

The July New Moon is results orientated (I hear).

Expect to see the first sprigs of growth as they begin to show, indicating those first signs of the spring blossoms just up ahead.

Self care also speaks at this time.  It’s a busy time but also a time of great vulnerability.  Being your authentic self often goes hand in hand with being vulnerable, so remember be kind to yourself.  Take time to fill your well, nurture your feminine spirit and your daily practices of self love will go a long way to helping maintain a strong sense of balance as you move towards that upgrading life you are manifesting

I’ve been saying for months that this pandemic will provide the opportunity for many of us to step deeper into your purpose and while June was the time to reflect and re-evaluate where you are at with that.  July now has us taking the first steps to actioning that path and creating forward momentum, which will result in positive life upgrades and changes.  Much of which we won’t fully realise until early 2021.  However, I do want you to realise the importance that the work to manifest that new way of being is what you are experiencing now.

Recently at one of my group reading events at Alasana Hypnotherapy and Yoga a young lady wanted to know about her career zone and what was coming up.  Right now, I could see she was symbolically tending her garden and really in a career space where she was learning and working out what she wanted and what she didn’t want in that area of her life.  This is a necessary process for any creative heart, and she was delighted to hear that come the new year it would pay off.  As I was able to let her know that come Feb 2021 I could see her changing jobs to something that was deeply in alignment with her heart.  The magic and motivation she needed to keep going.

This is true for all of us right now.  And all you need to do is truly listen to that Creative Heart you have, and choose authenticity in every moment of every day.

with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a Spiritual Leader and mentor in the Feminine Spirit Mediumship.

As a psychic medium soul coach with over 20years of experience, I support women to embody their mediumship with the energy of Divine Feminine.  This expands your mediumship to embody your purpose and have you show up in life as the sensual, confident, co-creative being you are that is naturally aligned with your destiny and expands your relationship with Spirit.

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