Divine Connection is one of the things I cherish most in this world and I love the expression of it when I sit in a Mediumship circle, even after 17 years.

Last night I was blessed with this experience, a gift I have been giving myself all year.  Taking the time to work on my own spiritual development, to enjoy the embrace of Spirit and commune with other like minded individuals who approach their connection to the Divine in similar ways.

I’ve had many, many experiences over the years to be thankful for and last night was no exception.  I am so grateful for the Angelic presence who lovingly stroked my head, sending such peaceful energy that it provoked a rare opportunity for my mind to achieve stillness.  No easy feat, I can assure you.

Coming home and following on, into today there have been times when I’ve been conscious of maintaining that sense of stillness.  Appreciating the energy for all that it is and totally being ok with running out of time to write one of these blogs yesterday.  So I do apologise if you were looking out for it.  Letting it go, did allow me to be of service to myself first as I chose to stay with the Angelic stillness and not do too much thinking.

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