Day 15 and one of the toughest days yet.

Another morning of feeling less than and some spiralling thoughts into worry.  This is easy enough to fall into when life still presents with aspects which are not how we want them to be.  Whether its what the day presents, financial concerns, health or other areas of life.

It took a little longer to turn it around today and move into that feeling of Oneness.  While at the same time taking ownership for where in my life I’m holding back for fear.  I’ve always said there is only one way to overcome fear and that’s to feel the fear and do it anyway. So to release the fear, it was time to take action and keep moving through what I’ve been working on.

And while I’ve taken action, and keep being mindful of my sense of Oneness where there is no fear.  I still aware that that sense of less than, is a little too close.

30 days of Self Love is a personal journey for Kerrie Wearing and one where she invites your conversation and questions on how you self love.  Please feel free to join Kerrie’s journey and share the posts or comment and interact below.
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