In loving myself today, I first chose to a little shopping with my daughter and gift myself a new shirt and pants.  Not always easy to do when money is tight, but in now choosing to live in Oneness and focus on creating from a place of love and positivity as opposed to trying to overcome an obstacle. I know that all will be ok and in loving myself consciously in this way the loving energy will flow to other areas of my life.

And so it did.  I spent the afternoon creating a new product called The Power of Oneness journal.  Its been a dream of mine for about 3 years to create a manifestation journal for people to use, which I can conduct training around at the beginning of each year so we all power forth into the year creating the lives we want to.

There have been a few goes at creatiing this journal but it just never came to be, mostly because my flow of creativity wasn’t there to bring the contents together in a way I was happy with.  The real experience of bring this journal together began last December when spirit inspired me with three words; Create, Accept and Allow.

These words have come to mean so much as 2013 unfolded experientially and sequentially around these three words, giving me the inspiration, understanding and means to finally bring my manifestation journal to life.

So today, I created enough of the journal to send it off to the designer.  And with this, there is strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as one of the things i love to do is create and see an idea come to life, knowing it will make a difference for people.

Yay me!

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