Today I chose to BELIEVE that with all I am working towards, each and every step I see is the universe supporting me and inching me ever closer to achieving my dreams.

This morning was one of those mornings again where I could have easily given into my old ways of negativity and loosing sight of my sense of Oneness.  For me this has been a pattern over the years and one which i now recognise as impacting my momentum with achieving success.

Yet for the last few weeks, this tendancy is not as strong as it once was and I find it far more easily to recognise and shift my awareness elsewhere giving me greater power to be in the energy of Oneness.

The choice is ours and while its a challenge to initially develop an inner dialogue of awareness and understanding, with persistance you do develop a disciplined proficiency at it.  And the benefits are more than you could ask for.  I have been joyful, happy and ‘up’ consistently now for a few weeks with not a ‘down’ day in sight.

Usually its common for me to have just as many ‘Up’ days as ‘Down’, so I am quite taken with this new me and am still committed to loving myself each day.

I and my life are worth it!

30 days of Self Love is a personal journey for Kerrie Wearing and one where she invites your conversation and questions on how you self love.  Please feel free to join Kerrie’s journey and share the posts or comment and interact below.
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