One of the more powerful aspects of loving yourself is truly seeing and valuing your worth, your knowledge and all you have to offer this world.  Not just what you have to offer those close to you, but also what you have to offer to make a difference in this world.

You see, until recently I always fell short in some ways of seeing my worth.  I knew how much knowledge I had, but I didn’t see its true value.  Sitting with feeling less than, instead of truly believing that what I have to offer changes lives for whoever chooses to work with me.

Once i came to believe in myself wholeheartedly to be confident enough to know that in not selling myself adequately I am doing people a disservice, everything has begun to change.

From the new unique programs I am preparing to offer in 2014, to valuing myself with fees I deserve to receive for my world class services and knowledge. Which will ultimately lead me to whole new market.  Or even just simply being more assured in selling my ability to meet the need of another which in turn changes your energy and leaves them wanting more of it.

Right now, I am soaking all this delicious new energy up and reveling in the exploring it all as I brainstorm new content for my new program and sit in awe its potential.

While at the same time, i am beginning to itch with anticipation for tonights Soul Conversation live event..I’m treating everyone to a snippet of my new program and am a little eager to get out there teaching this new awareness more.  Though I’m sure baby steps are best for now.

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