April has been a huge soul shifting month and if there is one word that best describes it, it is Integration. Integrating the truth of who I am within, in the world at large and all around me.

This process of spiritual evolution is one at which is prevalent for many soul travellers, like yourself right now as the soul seeks to have your reframe how you do life from what was once an egoic created existance to a life created with Spirit and the essence of Divine Love.

It wasn’t too long ago that a large part of my truth was caught up inside me with little avenues to release namely due to the life I was living within my marriage.  Having changed over a period of twenty years with significant and deep rooted soul growth, I found that my home life never changed that much right along with me and nor did my relationship flow with those changes.  This therefore in truth was a relationship that for a long time didn’t honour the woman I was or needed to be and for along time, I allowed it and accepted this less than kind of living.  Eventually though I was left with the heartwrenching decision to make change and walk away to freedom.  To a freedom that simply allows me to express more fully who I am.

It is now eight months since moving out after the sale of the family home and I am now finding that all that truth that sat repressed in me for so long is now being felt with full force.  It feels like the vestiges of truth are being pulled out of me as I go about experiencing life as the new me and with the freedom of being able to choose how I do life. With no other choice, than to honour the Spirit within.

April began with a visit to Queensland and the 2017 Country Music festival which lead to the first soul shift and integrating my country music passion with my soul biz.  Writing a series of blogs while not a big leap, it felt more so on a soul level as I could feel the opening of a door that is yet to reveal what really exists for me through that doorway.

A week later and I’m signing up to an online dating site and heading out on my first date the following week.  Huge soul shifting steps, even if the last time I was dating in this capacity was back in the 80’s with my big hair, tight skirts and Wa Wa Nee’s Stimulation was on constant repeat.  Keith was a few years away yet.

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Another blog will follow sharing my short foray into the online dating world though it is this road that leads me to where I am right now.  Experiencing a huge awakening and expansion that is leaving me to feel like I don’t know who I am anymore.

As they say, the Truth shall set you free.  What they don’t tell you is how it feels getting to that point.

For so long my focus has been my mediumship and my work with the soul, my writing and working with clients, yet this week I feel like I don’t know what it is I am do with this anymore.  I don’t know what my third book is to be about anymore, even though I know there is a third and fourth book.  I can also sense that how I am to be of service is changing and right now it feels so out of sorts, so out of control like everything is suspended out in the ether that all I know to do is write about how I feel.

Don’t misunderstand me, I do know this is me reframing who I am, how I do life and the result of finally experiencing the raw and real truth of who I am.  It really should be a cause for celebrations if it wasn’t so confusing and scary as well.

Deep within me there is a glorious goddess of light and love that has now been called to the surface thanks to the gift of one yummy man who shall remain nameless.  He has gifted me with a gift every man should have for a woman, the gift of making a woman feel desired, wanted and quite simply like a woman while in holding this space allows that woman to connect to the goddess within her.

If I am truly honest, this is where I am totally out of my comfort zone while at the same time absolutely loving it and celebrating the joygasm effect quietly within.  There are many aspects to this newly awakened goddess.  She wants to take moonlight walks along the beaching talking, she wants to sit in circle and ceremony communing in soul with Great Spirit, she wants to write and gift the world her magic, she wants to continue serving Spirit with insight, intuition and mediumship, she wants to make love like she never has before and she wants to keep dancing like nobodies watching, but only to country music of course.

There have been numerous delightful times when this newly awakened goddess has surprised me, had me thinking ‘Say What! Did you really just say/do that.’ Yet with all of it I am revelling in how this goddess energy feels and not just how the energy feels in my inner world, but how she feel to be out leading the way and experiencing herself.  Going forward I am determined that this vital part of me is honoured and nurtured with a life that supports this for the rest of my days.  Its really too delicious not too.

So while there is challenge in unlock this part of who I am and releasing her has meant confusion in other areas for now, I know that Divine Love is the thread that ties all of me together and that it is this thread that weaves all the aspects of my life together.  I may still be discovering how all this looks when woven together more fully with love as opposed to the years gone by when the experience was something entirely differently but as I walk this road, I also know I am not alone but supported by the very essence of the Divine that I am working so hard to express.

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Kerrie Wearing is soul coach and medium with a passion to help spiritually motivated people manifest their dreams. Her work is designed to support people all over the world to engage the Magic of their Soul and manifest their dreams with JOY.
Over the last 20years Kerrie has worked tirelessly in the spiritual fields seeing clients, conducting workshop and events, owning and operating The Australian College of Mediumship and inSpirit Magazine and is now honoured with clients from all over the world. Kerrie has published two books, A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within and Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with love & inspiration and she is currently writing her third book.
Kerrie lives in Sydney, Australia with her family and is a not so secret country music fan.

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