A special message from Archangel Gabriel after this weeks horrendous events in Sydney and Pakistan.

This week I have been heartbroken for the events that have transpired here in Sydney and in Pakistan, and as always when I feel at a loss I seek solace with Spirit. Here is a message from Archangel Gabriel, I asked for on our behalf yesterday.

Kerrie Wearing is a Soul Coach, Medium and author of A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within.  Kerrie’s life’s work is helping you to know your Soul Self and its secrets to discovering your Soul Purpose. Coaching Mediumship practitioners to develop successful practices with high levels of integrity, professionalism and accuracy of Mediumship through strong foundations with Spirit is also something Kerrie is extremely passionate about. She is also managing editor of inSpirit Magazine, director of inSpirit Publishing and currently working on her new book Wisdom for the Soul.

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