Every couple of years, I am guaranteed a sure fire JOYgasm experience when Keith Urban hits town and I find myself rocking in the moshpit to one or maybe two concerts as I did this week.

After attending both Canberra and Sydney events it is only fair to say that it’s now official – Keith Urban is the undisputed King of Australian music.

Ok, I am biased and I have been a devoted fan for 22years, yet the success of this 2016 Ripcord tour has secured his place amongst the most successful artists Australia has produced.

     The goose-bump generating moment of both nights. What a voice!

Teaming this tour with America’s country sweetheart Carrie Underwood was a gift to Australian country fans that we will ever be grateful for. Country music in Australia is growing, though fans are always hungry for more from international visiting artists that pack power, are enigmatic, humble and deliver when it comes to talent and performance. All of which Keith and Keith have in droves.

Personally a Keith Urban tour is always a must on my social calendar, having not missed a tour since 2004 though this year Keith bought a very real and relaxed energy which I haven’t felt from him in quite a while.

I do miss the days of being able to experience Keith at more intimate venues such as WIN stadium in Wollongong, yet this tour felt as if Keith is now able to capture that intimate feeling of being himself and connected with the audience even though today’s venues are much larger by comparison. Previous tours, such as the last Raise ‘em up tour have at times felt a little too polished and produced, losing some of the realness and down to earth magic that we love Keith for.

This Ripcord tour really feels like Keith has finally come to accept his level of success and feel more secure in the nature of it. Letting go of the struggles of the past allows Keith to relax more, enjoy himself and therefore we feel more of the magic that is Keith Urban. This flows through to the music, his interactions with the audience and is part of the creative soul of each and every concert. Any long time fan can easily surmise that Keith is in a great place in life right now and deservedly so.

Every time I attend a Keith Urban concert my heart is always full of JOY and admiration for this man. Certainly, there are the myriad of times I’ve thought “Man, it’s a crime for someone to be that good looking!” truthfully though, my love for Keith goes beyond his glowing good looks and his music which never fails to have me singing at the top of my lungs.

As always, I really appreciate the inclusion of some old favourites and this time he delivered with ‘Where the Black Top Ends’, ‘Days Gone By’ and ‘Somebody Like You’ which is where it really began to happen for Keith.

That moment when you can’t help but appreciate the beauty before you.


Musically, the Ripcord album is one of his best and has seen Keith experiment with a variety of music styles that range from the bluesy country ballad ‘Blue, Ain’t Your Color’ to the rap and pop influenced ‘Sun Don’t Let Me Down’ which was co-written with the legendary Niles Rodgers. Both of these are a real moment to experience live.

As I stand in the ‘pit’ watching this man do his soul thing, I always have a moment of gratitude for him and how he touches my life. I fully appreciate his hardships and the at times hard road he travelled to get where he is now. Never giving up on his dreams, when I am sure there were plenty of time he could have, yet he didn’t and I am grateful for that and my heart is often full with love for the fact that his life now fulfills those dreams and then some.

Yes, Keith gifts me with his music and moments of eye-popping pleasure, non of which surpasses the Joygasmic experience I and thousands of other people experience everytime I attend a concert. Even more importantly than the JOY, Keith after 22years still inspires me to keep going after my dreams. To keep doing what is in my soul, work hard, be brave to overcome the challenges and the pain of it, for one day you and I can also be singing “Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Me!”

with love,

Kerrie xx

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