Stop right there if all your looking for is another psychic prediction video! Because this ain’t it.

This video is for those spiritual seekers who are looking for a little understanding of what the Universal energies will be focussed and where your spiritual and soul development is heading in 2020.

In this video I share with you my insights and communications with 2020 in regards to those all important areas of our lives:
*Money flow
*Career & Biz

During the video I discuss a little tip on using a Daily Soul Conversation, which is provided here again for ease of access:

“My Soul says that to express the truth of my Soul & Spirit today, I need to……….”

with love & gratitude,


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Your 2020

Personal forecast

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a Spiritual Leader and mentor in the Divine Feminine.

I connect women to their Divine Feminine empowering their sense of self, their creativity and their Mediumship abilities, so they can live a life guided by love, purpose and Spirit.

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How can I help you more?

How can I help you more?

HOW CAN I HELP YOU MORE? It is really important to me that I hear from you from time to time on how I can help you more.  I want to understand more of your daily challenges to ensure that I can continue to best meet your needs. I am here to help make a difference for...

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