2018 – my biz year in review

Right now if I try and think of one word to describe my year, nothing comes to mind. It seems to have been a year that has had many lessons, a lot of magic and many purposes to what has unfolded. So I begin by reviewing the mechanics of being in business where my year saw small amounts of growth and expansion coupled with a continuing merry-go-round of emotion and transition.

One of the best investments I have ever made in business was to engage Emma from Soul Stirring Branding to redesign my branding and online presence. I was a long term do it yourselfer and well aware that my efforts and capabilities never really met my hearts desires in this area. Emma surpassed all of that and going through the process with her was so much more than simply coming away with a revamped and consistent graphics package.

We walked through areas of my biz such as my vision and purpose, my ideal clients and how is it I really make a difference. Emma was able to capture my thoughts, what is in my heart along with who I am and present it all on paper (or online at least) essentially for you all to connect with. This process was a big leap in faith and success and I highly recommend engaging a branding specialist as what Emma helped me to achieve could never, I believe have been achieved DIY or through some online group program.

While working with Emma, I discovered the virtues of Acuity, the automated online booking system that truly does make your life easier. Your clients can easily see all of your availability in their time zone and with the ability to send confirming and follow up emails; a lot of work is all done for you. Not to mention it is affordable and I wouldn’t be without this now.


For a long time I have had a monetary goal of $1200+ per week and while in the grand scheme of things this is not a lot of money, in my mind it is the starting point to the six figure years ahead. This year I scratched the surface here and found myself having $1200 weeks for the first time in a long time. Yay!

While consistency is still an issue, I felt the buzz and hope of hitting my goals and now know that 2019 is the year to work on this consistency.

This inconsistency is sponsored by the emotion I live with day to day, some of which is mine and a lot of it is not. Managing this throughout 2019 was a challenge, which I spoke more specifically in my last blog, reviewing my Mediumship year. What occurs though is the difficulty I face in being emotionally available for others consistently in my business when life gets in the way as it does everyone. 

During these times I find myself retreating emotionally, withdrawing and spiraling into a feeling of being a little lost until I come out the other side. This not helpful to grow and expand a business and this year I really have learnt to acknowledge, own and take responsibility for this and the effects it has on attracting abundance, the ebb and flow of my biz and my earnings.

I’ve come to understand that this emotion is normal for me and always will be. It’s a big part of being a medium. In addition life will continue to get in the way at times so I realized just a couple of weeks a go that I need to do two things to effect some change here and create the consistency I am seeking.

  1. Create a 2019 business plan. Having an annual plan working with quarterly progressions will provide a more solid framework. A framework I can rely on and refer to in those emotional times when I am a bit all of the shop.
  2. Learn to say ‘No’ more and stop making myself available for others at the detriment of myself. For example, as I write I am in the middle of moving house and the real estate agency I’ve been renting from want to conduct weekly open homes. I agreed because it’s the nice thing to do, yet it does not meet my need only the needs of others. In fact it only serves to add more overwhelm to an already full plate.


While in a lot of ways I am actually pretty good at setting such boundaries having learnt this in years gone by with owning and operating The Australian College of Mediumship. I have found this year though that there are new levels to this and it is directly affecting my business as to how much I let life get in the way. Therefore going forward I am committed to asking myself in what ways does doing………….. or agreeing to………….serve my intentions and me for 2019.

This year I have also enjoyed branching out into using and selling Doterra essential oils. I am sure I was guided to this as a way to manage my own increasingly empathic energies and emotions, however I see huge benefits for people as this becomes more of a staple of my business going forward. Being able to supply you with the relevant tools to support your course of study, learning and energy management is something that I am passionate about and I am looking forward to see where I go with this in 2019.

Going forward I am still planning out 2019 though I am feeling the full for connecting with you more with live video. Right now, I feel the way I’ve been doing this is about to change however I am still waiting for the clarity on what these changes are to drop in as yet.

Planning is becoming significantly more important for an online marketer as you need to plan your content, marketing strategies and delivering platforms. And while all the planning and marketing is necessary there was one significant lesson I learnt in business this year.

And that was to simply have the confidence to be consistent and sell in a way that let’s you know how it is I can help you. I learnt that I wasn’t doing this enough or effectively and that once I came to see my worth, my self belief then allowed this strategy to flow a little more easily. I cam to see that there was nothing ‘blocking’ my flow of abundance, I just simply needed to ask to have my needs met more and this included asking for the sale.    

with love & gratitude,


Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and yes I am a psychic medium investigator.  I serve women and men who come to me lost and frustrated after the passing of a loved has left unanswered questions.

I investigate the Spirit world to give them the answers and intuitive soul guidance they need to move forward once again in life with clarity, confidence and a more peaceful heart.

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