Welcome to this weeks video: Part 1: Includes insight into this weeks Universal Spirit Energy and we tap into what energy can help you move through your current challenges. This is for Week beginning 22nd July 2019

Part 2: What is an Empath and what is the biggest challenge with being an Empath.

Part 3: Q&A time Vanda asks the difference between an Empath and someone who is highly sensitive. Julie asks how can I know I am being protected by Archangel Michael and Tracy asks how as an empath can I stop being drained from it.

I’d love to hear your questions or thoughts on this in the comment section below.

with love & gratitude,


Empath Survival Guide

Learn how connecting with your Divine Feminine and Understanding the role of the Law of Attraction can help you be empowered with your Empath sensitivities.


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Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a Spiritual Leader and mentor in the Divine Feminine.

I connect women to their Divine Feminine empowering their sense of self, their creativity and their Mediumship abilities, so they can live a life guided by love, purpose and Spirit.

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