Intuition is an interesting thing. Yes it is your guidance source, however do you every truly know what may get in the way of your clarity regarding any message or insight you receive.

You see, years ago I began living an intuitive lifestyle that guided me to establishing a soul centered business. Over the years my business has had many life forms and evolutions all indicative of my soul growth and yet right now I suspect also indicative of how much fear got in the way. Not all of it mine to own but fear none the less.

It wasn’t until three and half years ago (why did it take so long!) that I was given the gift of true clarity. It came in the form of manifesting magic and the logical direct comparison of my Spirit self to that of my Ego self. A powerful yet quite simple intuitive exercise taught by the inspiring William Whitecloud, author of The Magician’s Way at his Natural Success weekend workshop I attended in Sydney in August of 2013. Never before was there such clarity on who I truly was. This technique now forms the basis of my daily existence as the awareness it created was profound and I am eternally grateful to William for this.

This moment of clarity and empowerment set me on a path to success that has firstly required a lot of clearing and a revolution of my life to which I am only just now coming out the otherside of. There has been the long hard road of ending my marriage and recalibrating my personal life to be more in tune with my inner world which as you would expect was a painful and drawn out process.

Through this time I found my business slowing down and almost grinding to a halt for a number of reasons, and while this has been somewhat heartbreaking for me to watch and experience I also know it is with purpose. This quietness allowed me the space and energy to invest in myself as opposed to my clients, so I could see my own truths.

It has also provided me now with the opportunity to reshape my business and go forward with a biz that is more in tune with me and my souls plan. Country Music included! And for the first time I am free to really celebrate me, my unique abilities, my desires, my powerful understandings and my purpose. All of which combines to create freedom and contribute to changing the world we live in.

There is however one little blight on my energetic radar and the reason for this blog.

My fear.

Years and years of effort and investment on a heart and soul level led to numerous ventures and a biz in the past that always felt like it fell short of what I was aiming to achieve. It fell short financially, short of my expectations and short of the success I know exists in my heart. And while I was trudging along, working hard only to fall short I have watched a lot of people around me follow my lead somehow to reach success where I couldn’t.

I know now that all of this was a complete and total reflection of my sense of lack and the result of fear, be it my own or from those significant people who where part of my life. Ultimately though I created and attracted all of it. “With purpose” – I hear from Spirit for I do know that what did come from that journey is wisdom and a depth of spiritual understanding that is unique and wonderfully magical with a connection to the Universe that is insightful and empowers myself and others to greatness.

As I sit here today though, readying to launch another new venture I can’t help but feel the fear that rises from years and years of those past experiences. A fear that has been coming and going quite a bit over the last few months as I go about evolving my business.

  • Is this venture going to be the same as all the others?
  • Is it just going to result in a lot of effort for little return once again?

Even though I know I am different, that I create differently.

  • How is this going to be a success and reach a lot of people if my current online marketing reach is small, not ideal even though I know it is authentic.

Essentially though I’m scared that nothing really has changed, or I’m scared that everything has changed yet the result will be no different.

For me the power to overcoming fear has always lied in the act of acknowledgement. Owning your truth and honouring your heart speak, allows the flow of creativity. Blocks in your creative flow only exist when there is resistance and unconsciousness on your part. This lack of conscious awareness then gives power to your unconscious egoic behaviour patterns to take free reign. This is not something I allow for myself and I find that writing is the purest form I have to access my soul and its truth. I never really know where the writing may lead though my soul and my intuitive self guide the process and all I need do is listen and write what rises to the surface.

Going forward I do know that I create and manifest VERY differently to days gone by. Heck, I’m a very different person to who I was 6 months ago, 2 years ago, 10 or 20 years go. I also know within my heart and soul that my success with this new venture, The Joygasm Club and my biz lies in being authentic, consistent and keeping an eye on the vision. There is no ‘less than’ belief systems holding me back and a lot of the fear and negativity has been cleared along with the journey of the last few years. There is however, a greater awareness of when fear does surface giving me the power to choose love over fear, moment to moment, day to day.

All of this allows me to step more fully into the power of me and bring this out into the world in new ways. And this I know is the MOST powerful creative spark there is!

with love & JOY

Kerrie xx


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Kerrie Wearing is soul coach and medium with a passion to help spiritually motivated people manifest their dreams. Her new ventures The JOYgasm effect podcast, and the soon to be launched JOygasm club all support people the world over to engage the Magic of their Soul and manifest their dreams with JOY.  In fact, her 21 day JOYgasm challenge helps you to create the soul shift to more JOY in your life.  It is free when you sign up here.
Over the last 20years Kerrie has worked tirelessly in the spiritual fields seeing clients, conducting workshop and events, owning and operating The Australian College of Mediumship and inSpirit Magazine and is now honoured with clients from all over the world. Kerrie has published two books, A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within and Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with love & inspiration and she is currently writing her third book.
Kerrie lives in Sydney, Australia with her family and is a not so secret country music fan.