At risk of sounding like a nut job, it is not every day that I am hit with incoming messages from Spirit as I go about my day, so when I am I know that it is important and I must take the time to listen and feel into the space.

Today, firstly while meditating and then when in the kitchen making something to eat I began receiving messages around imminent war.

Now I’m not writing this blog as a predictive forecast as we know this is a worldwide trending topic of discussion after the US bombed Syria in response to the chemical attack last week.  So my intention here is to bring some authenticity and truth to the creative energy behind this.  Only then can there be an opportunity for healing and while I may be small voice, it is only by adding this out to join with the truth of others in the world can love grow and peace and healing begin.

As the energy flowed this is the raw messages and thought forms.

During the morning Meditation:  Please note at this point I was not valuing why I was receiving the information at this time.  My thoughts were to sending love and healing and know that this was what was existing in the collective consciousness.

  • Isis – global integration
  • Destruction
  • A focus on Europe with the US coming into it.

Again I didn’t place any though on sharing this with you as this information we are already aware of.

Lunchtime in the Kitchen: It was at this point I understood Spirit to be asking me to sharing with you so I sat down with pen and paper to receive the guidance and knowings.

  • War planes
  • Days away from imminent destruction – I am concerned this is on US land and a retaliation.
  • US lead – causing havoc
  • Covering up the ties with Russia
  • Distraction is US lead
  • Bombs
  • War atrocities
  • Fight back
  • Peace – is really a stalemate not a true peace and is reached before new dawn of the sun (the new year or summer)
  • This encounter is short lived

This list is the raw insights as they came to hand and again I do not feel I am making a prediction here.

What I do need to share on behalf of Spirit and the reason I received this information was to highlight the truth behind the what is really engaging this creation.  And that is the people in power in the US distracting the public awareness away from the ties between the US and Russia which has been a trending topic all year while cleverly disguising it as support for the Syrian people.   Please refer to this previous forecast for info on why this would be necessary.

Certainly something needs to stop all of the civilians being killed and hurt in all of these situations however I sense this is only going to lead to more civilians being hurt and all for untrue intentions.

Please join me in praying for true World Peace and healing.  Add you prayer to the comments below.

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Crafted with love, inspiration and Spirit, the intention for my Soul Magic World forecasts is to raise awareness and where possible contribute healing energy to the world and the creation of these individual occurrences.  More of my intention and how I prepare these forecasts can be read here.

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