For your Soul Wisdom Weekly Forecast report, this week I am drawn to use an oracle card for you and in particular the Spirit Messages card set from my friend and fellow medium John Holland.

The card that presented is titled
“Just Ask”.
There are many here in the Spirit World that can assist you at this time.  We are made up of the Divine Source, your loved ones, friends, guides, angels and spirit helpers who are waiting to assist you.  We are your Spiritual team and all you have to do is ask for our help and guidance. – John Holland.

Inspiration says that this week is presenting you with opportunity for plenty of help and assistance.  For some this will be in the form of your Spirit guides while for others it will be friends rendering their help where needed, and for all of us, synchronicity will play a big part as the Universe begins to move to resolve those issues that have been hanging around too long.

The card reminds us it is important to ask, to let go of your pride and open yourself to receive.  No matter where you require assistance from, it will be forthcoming when you reveal your true self and ask for whatever it is you need.

with Love & Gratitude,

Kerrie Wearing

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This is an extract from my Soul Wisdom Weekly Forecast report that is full of intuitive insights to empower your week around your relationships, your money flow and your career & business.  Delivered, FREE each week at 5am Monday morning AEDT.

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