Are you beginning to feel energetically clearer yet? As we move through this week you will find that a lot of what feels like debris is being cleared from your energy.  This is all the left overs from 2015 and all the hard work you have been doing in regards to letting go.


This clearing will leave you feeling fresh, alive and allow you to uncover some more intuitive insights designed to help you move forward into your future.
Relax and allow this process to unfold naturally, is all that is needed.

As I was intuiting this for you, the presence of Angels was felt leaving me to in no doubt that as you move through this cleansing process you will be guided and protected.  Please be sure to watch for your signs and impressions from the Angelic realm letting you know you are not alone and validating that you are following your Soul’s plan.

with love and gratitude,

Kerrie xxx

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This is an extract from my Soul Wisdom Weekly Forecast report that is full of intuitive insights to empower your week around your relationships, your money flow and your career & business. Delivered, FREE each week at 5am Monday morning AEDT.

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