A Soul Whispering Consultation


With Kerrie Wearing

The answers you desire are all hidden within the depths of who you are.

Do you need guidance and insight with where you are at right now, but want something a little more powerful than your average psychic reading?


A Soul Whispering consultation with me will delve into the purpose and meaning behind what is occurring for you right now and the challenges you are facing.

During the session I’ll use my ability to communicate with your Soul and it’s connections to the Universe to:

  1. Firstly paint a picture of where you are at.
  2. Then we’ll work towards uncovering the outcomes your Soul desires for you
  3. and what you need to do to achieve those outcomes to your highest potential.
  4. We’ll tap into the blocks and limitations that may be holding you back.  Which will also include any relevant Soul agreements that are influencing your journey.

You will walk away with clarity and clear on your directions and what you need to do going forward.  This is my intention for you.

What happens during a Soul Whispering Consultation?

We begin by discussing what you would like to achieve from your Soul Whispering Session.  This helps to set our intention and allows me to knowingly do my best to meet those needs.

Secondly, I deliver all the intuitive guidance and insight as it flows of its own fruition.  This allows your Soul to set the priority of what needs to discussed and ensures you are not feeding me or my abilities.

There is plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions so we can take any offering to deeper levels, while also providing an opportunity to cover anything that may not flow of it own natural fruition. I like to ensure you have received all that you need from me in this moment and the Q&A time allows for this.

Your consultation is conducted via Skype this way I may record the audio for you and if you have video we can connect more personally.  Skype is free download here should you need it.

Is a Soul Whispering Consultation right for you?

A Soul Whispering Consultation will be right for you if you relate to any of the following?

  • You need answers, guidance, direction and support going forward.
  • You are a spiritually motivated individual
  • You believe that our thoughts and beliefs co-create our reality
  • You take personal responsibility and you are seeking higher awareness and understanding to aid in your manifesting with greater consciousness.

 Are you ready for that clarity and deeper understanding?

Your Soul Whispering  Consultation

investment is

$AUD 99.00

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Money Back Guarantee brand-157839_1280

Investing in any intuitive practitioner goes far beyond the initial outlay of time and money. We often invest our hearts to be able to draw strength in a variety of ways.

I am so committed to valuing our experience together that I offer you a 100% money back guarantee should you not be genuinely completely satisfied.

– Kerrie Wearing

Please note:

  • A SOUL WHISPERING CONSULTATION IS conducted via Phone or Skype, Available here for free. And all that is needed is your computer with speaker and a microphone. To enhance your experience we recommend a webcam.
  • International Clients are Welcome
  • Receive a downloadable audio recording of your session
  • Upon receipt of a payment we will respond within 48hours to arrange your appointment.
  • Appointments are currently conducted on Fridays during Australian business hours.
  • In the event of cancellation there is a $30 non-refundable deposit for administration purposes. Of course, rescheduling your appointment is preferrable.