Soul Magic Weekly Oracle

Do you find yourself thinking like this from time to time?

  • Man! What’s going on with the Universe right now?
  • I could really use some insight to help shift things right now.
  • How can I be more aware with my spirituality on a daily basis?


  • what weekly insights into the energies of Universe could help with.
  • real insights into relationships, money, career and health.
  • inspiration on hand every week to help you powerfully manifest your life

Hi there,

My Soul Magic Weekly Oracle is a snapshot of the Universal Magic that envelopes each and everyone one of us and plays a huge role how our lives come to be what they are.

You will find my week newsletter full of personal stories and experiences, tools, tips and insights that your heart and soul will thank you for being part of.

To reveal the weekly Universal inspiration contained in the Soul Magic Weekly Oracle, I take time each week to sit down and have a soul conversation with the Soul of the Universe.  It is inspired and focused on those areas of life that are important to all of us while aiming to offer you information which help you harness your intuition and your ability to co-create your life successfully and with greater ease.

Using the hidden gems within the Soul Magic Weekly Oracle will empower you with Soul inSpired information and awareness, giving you greater capacity to live each week with knowingness, abundance and clarity while offering you the opportunity to use it to tap into your own Soul guidance.