For most of this year I have felt that June contains significant shifts for all of us and will see the start of long held challenges being resolved for you.

Challenges that have been persistant for many years will begin to soften and make dramatic turnarounds over the next few months, but it all starts in June.

Of course, this meant that I wanted to delve a little more as June came about so today I say down to connect with the soul of June.

Firstly, I drew an insight card from my Spirit Guide Wisdom deck which was the God’s Garden – Personal growth card.


This card indicates that June may be a challenging month to begin with, as what is needed to create change and bring about the resolutions we are seeking, is a little soul searching and weeding of our personal growth garden.

It is a month to be very aware of your self talk and where you may be getting in your own way.

It is a month that is going to see many of us surrender and give up those behaviour patterns that have kept these challenges around for so long.  Be they relationship challenges, money or the need for greater fulfillment in your life.  June will call for us give it all over to God and let go of the need to control.

To trust in your Divinity more (I hear as I write this)

As is the process of soul growth, there is quite often a breakdown before a breakthrough.  So keep your journal close, it’ll help you to keep clear.

Very quickly after I drew the card, I heard Spirit begin offering some words of wisdom for all of us.   This piece of channelling has come forth from my Spirit Guide known as White Eagle.  He is a Native American Shaman and presents in full chief headdress and we have worked together periodically since those very early days of my learning in the late 90’s.

Here is his message to you:

‘We feel you, our children.  We know these last months have been hard and yet we promise you, June is the last of this cycle.  And you will see many resolutions in the coming months.

Twists, turns and beliefs have all lead you here and for many of you, it is all guided.

You have your feet in the emotion of life because this is where soul growth occurs at it’s most effective.  Yet, we want you to know that the choice is yours to step out of that pool of emotion at anytime.  To give yourself freedom from the depths of wallowing or to take a breath from change, the choice is yours.  All you need do is assert your will and affirm the choice to stop.

Know this though, you will not avoid the path set before you, only slow it down.  As once you recover and set the wheels in motion once again, so to do you start off from where you once where.

It is true that you are never given anything you cannot handle or cope with.  Only that which will serve your soul growth should you choose to see it that way.

Know that we are with you, serving you and holding you up to move through these present challenges.

The winds of change will come and with it a breath of fresh air.  A new way of being and more meaning in your life.

Blessings – White Eagle

White Eagle certainly seems to come through with the tough love these days and he is always mindful of pointing out where our free will lies, as he has done here while very gently letting us know there is no avoiding it for those of us who are little soul weary, at the end of our tether but with out a doubt am entirely guided in life by Spirit and our own Divinity.

So as you move through June, I offer you the following daily self care tips.

  1. Practice mindfulness, it increases awareness.
  2. Be in the truth of how you feel and use your journal to express and acknowledge your truth.
  3. Keep your busyness and distractions to a minimum.
  4. Be kind and gentle to yourself, especially with your self talk.
  5. Share in the sisterhood of sacred circle with those who are like minded and practice grace and understanding.

Some of you may like to delve a little more specifically into what all this means for you and how to move through June and the months ahead with greater ease.  This is where I can help with one of my private consultations. 

Click here for more information,bookings and a virtual hug.

with love & gratitude,


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