As we enter August we come to it with a new moon in Leo opening that door for us.

The moon always guides us to drop into our hearts, hear the wisdom of our hearts and seek the truth that resides below the surface.  She shines her light into our depths and brings to the surface the truth of our soul that we so easily bury and disguise with busyness and distraction.

As this current new moon unfolds practice your mindfulness and pay attention to the thoughts, ideas and inspirations that surface.

However, take your time to commit and action any of these as this in only the seed being sown.  A seed that still needs a little TLC before it takes hold and grows into new life.

With this truth, I bring you to August.

I feel August shouting the word ‘TRUTH’ to me and I hear it is ‘expelling’ the old and finally completing the resolution process that has been with us throughout June and July.

It is cutting away the BS of old beliefs and the self delusion that the ego tends to hold so dear.  Therefore this is a month to be super vigilant about ‘being’ in your truth as August seeks to bring it to the surface and have you express it more fully in your world.  You may find yourself resisting and allowing the ego up to olds tricks.

This is especially true for those of you focussed on transforming your relationship with wealth & abundance which does feature heavily this month.

Letting go of the beliefs you’ve taken on from others and coming to your own truth and understandings in regards to your relationship with money is the key that unlocks that door.  This includes recognising where current spiritual teachings from others, myself included may not actually be your truth.  It’s time to discover your own truth and how you uniquely connect with money in your life.

To support this transformation and the soul magic of August I am offering you the following 3 ways to be supported and work with me to create this soul shift.

  1. Each morning on my facebook page I will be posting the following daily soul conversation at 7am AEST.

What would love have me do today regarding creating wealth and abundance in my life?

Work with it, use it and come join the conversation with me.

2. The above soul conversation will also open the day for us in my Divine Feminine Sacred Academy.

3. As a member of the Divine Feminine Sacred Academy you are invided to join me for our Full Moon & Message online event, where will delve into the depths of creative relationship with wealth and abundance using the supportive energy of the full moon.

Full Moon Magic & Messages

Thurs 7pm AEST

Replay available

with love & gratitude,


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