As 2016 begins to draw to a close there is a sense of 2017 energy already starting to make itself known and as such I have begun this forecast at the end of November 2016.  Additions will be added as the inspiration hits and there will also be monthly progress updates throughout the year.  I do however wish to start with outlining my intent and the purpose behind this Soul Magic 2017 world forecast report.

How did I come to be sharing world forecasts with you?

Unbelievably this journey began a few short days ago with a number of indicative messages from Spirit.  The first highlighting receipt of a message being delivered in a day or two.  What was intriguing about this messages was the accompanying clairvoyant image of a White Dove of Peace dropping me a rolled paper scroll. For me this indicated the significance of peace, healing and a higher purpose.

Following this, the next day while in the middle of some unrelated inspirational writing I heard “You are being tasked with writing this version because you are capable”.  I recognised here that Spirit was supporting my confidence and telling me I was up for the job I was being asked to do, only at this point I still didn’t know what the job was.

Then finally the next day the penny drops as I receive confirmation of a world event prediction I had received from Spirit quite randomly last year.  Over the last couple of years I have randomly received world event insights from Spirit, though I didn’t understand or for what purpose.  This was not part of usual mojo nor is it something I have perceived as helpful or healing until now.

I am however now fully aware that Spirit has a plan, and as a medium my job is be of service in how they see fit.  So here you find me serving Spirit in the way I am being asked to and sharing with you my Soul Magic 2017 World forecasts.

It is important for me to share with you how I approach this type of intuitive work.

To maintain a high degree of generating awareness and creating opportunities for healing, all of my world event forecasts include insight into the Soul purpose underlying each event.

I believe that each of us, individually and collectively co-create with the Universe and in doing so align our Soul with Divine Love or not.  Either way, each event consists of creative soul energy that supports it’s structure, it’s evolution and occurance.  Being a lover of love, light and all things Divine my insights will always align to the higher purpose behind each event.

This at time can see a small degree of what is seen as prediction in accuracy in regards to the overall outcome as actualised in our physical reality.  This can at times differ to the spiritual reality which is where I connect to perceive the forecast, due to the choices made by the individuals involved and their capability of living to their own higher purpose.  This is some we are all challenged with and many times individuals can fall short of living their highest potential.  I am however assured from Spirit that in these instances the opportunities to reach their greatest potential will in time return and persist until they take meet the challenge for growth.

I will say once again that I connect with the outcome that is of spiritually of the highest purpose to help people and our world grow and evolve spiritually.  In these moments we are often presented with moments of destiny where our choices in those moments have a definitive impact on the outcomes and results.  These outcomes at times cannot be known until the choice is made in that moment of destiny.  These ‘sliding door’ moments when available to me will be presented when sharing individual forecasts with you.

Besides the Soul purpose and the sliding door moments I will also present the raw information of how I received the insights.  Images, thoughts, impressions, feelings and everything in its raw psychic formation before I present my interpretation and understanding.  This way as the reader you are part of the process and will have a clearer understanding of how I came to conclude the individual forecast.  Besides, this is the teacher in me always keen to educate.

Lastly, before I move on to listing the Soul Magic 2017 World forecasts I invite your feedback, comment with your own feedback and thoughts though I do ask you to be mindful that I have thought long and hard to present this work in a way that evokes healing and will contribute to world peace.  Therefore it is only fitting that I ask that your comments do the same and together we can a sacred healing space for all of these world events.  As signified by the White Dove Messenger who dropped me the paper scroll so eloquently a few days back.

2017 Soul Magic World Forecasts.

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