2018 Soul Magic Universal Forecast

by Kerrie Wearing

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2018 - The Year of Togetherness

Togetherness, connection and family values.  More people doing what they love and dream homes becoming a reality.  This is some of what 2018 has install for us.

Soul Magic Overall Influence for 2018

Gain an insight into what the Soul of 2018 has install for us.

This is not a forecast of Global predictions but insights and understanding you can use to craft your goals for 2018 in alignment with the Universal Soul Magic, creating greater ease and flow.

Month by Month Guidance

Included is the Soul Magic insights for each month from January to December 2018, giving you increased awareness and understanding for your day to day manifesting.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Using the Soul Magic 2018 Forecast

Also included are some tips on how to use the Soul Magic forecast to gain even further personal insight.