Imagine what difference you could make in this world

if you were supported and had a tribe that had your back and was a passionate about Spirit and Soul as you were

Are you ready connect expand your connection to Spirit?

Soul Magic Sacred Circle

I know if you are here you

  • spiritually motivated and passionate about helping others.
  • you are seeking to deepen within you, your connection to Spirit and take your Mediumship to new horizons.
  • and I  know you could benefit from the support of a like minded tribe and the guidance of someone who’s walked before you to get there but your not sure who to trust.

is mediumship really for everyone?

I am proof that you do not have to have psychic abilities as a child to become a psychic. It is not just for the “gifted”. Anyone can learn to increase their intuition and insight. Through psychic training you won’t need to keep turning back to a psychic. Once you are able to tap into your own intuition and wisdom as your internal compass you can stop getting readings and help yourself.

Mediumship ~ Truth ~ Self Love


  • your own personal mediumship soul coach
  • receiving the support that is going to help you achieve your dreams
  • a cheersquad of like-minded souls
  • an intuitive business Coach who really gets what its like to operate and create success with a soul centered business
  • a safe haven where you will feel supported not judged.

What’s included when you join the 

soul magic sacred circle


Membership to our own private online community for daily support and connecting with like minded souls.


Meditations, ready references, workbooks and a whole host of downloads all designed to support you along on your journey.


  • Fortnightly Mediumship circle


  • Monthly Manifest your Dreams mastermind


  • Monthly Business support mastermind


  • Monthly Group Mediumship Reading session


Access to video training programs coaching you on Mediumship and spiritual development topics.

Current courses include:

Let’s get started with your Mediumship 

Intuitive Journaling

Investment: $AUD 47.00/mth


“My new found confidence and trust, not only in myself but also Spirit comes down to Kerrie and the way she teaches”

I have been blessed to be part of Kerrie’s mentorship program since Feb 2014 and I haven’t looked back, going from strength to strength. She has the unique ability to connect on a soul level that helps you develop your skills from a soul level that enhances and magnifies your vibration and mentors you till your working at the best you can be.

She has the amazing ability to help calm your nerves and to show you how to work with confidence, providing you with a sound foundation in which to work from. My new found confidence and trust, not only in myself but also Spirit comes down to Kerrie and the way she teaches.

I highly recommend Kerrie’s mentorship programs. It doesn’t matter where you are at on your journey as she will simply guide and support you into your next chapter. Trish Horsman

Psychic Medium, Sth Australia

This is the right fit for you if…
  • You feel you may be psychic and wish to explore your psychic abilities
  • You are an experienced medium wishing to strengthen and upgrade your connection to Spirit
  • You are seeking to expand your ability to understand your Soul and it’s guidance
  • You are seeking to increase your ability to manifest successfully and align more fully with your Soul purpose
  • You want to gain daily tool & tips to work with Spirit’s guidance on a day to day basis
  • You want genuine down to earth support from a coach that keeps it real
This may not be a right fit for you if…
  • You are looking to simply receive readings
  • You are not open to new ways of thinking and new approaches to your spirituality
  • You are not prepared to heal and look within for your answers
  • You are relatively new to mediumship and are super keen to begin earning money
  • You prefer the airy fairy nature of spirituality.  This is a very practical, down to earth approach

Investment: $AUD 47.00/mth

How are the live coaching calls currently run

All coaching calls and masterminds are currently held via Zoom in our private meeting room, which allows us face to face video time for a more personal interaction.

Do classes run to a strict curriculum?

The short answer is No.  Classes are inspired by Spirit, incorporating the need of the group gathered and allowing the flow of all involved.

Of course the overall intention is one of helping you achieve your goals and expanding your spirituality and mediumship.

Will the Live classes suit my schedule?

The fortnightly Mediumship classes alternate between day and evening so as to cater for busy schedules and geographical locations

Can I cease my membership at anytime?

Yes you can.  You can stop your monthly subscription anytime via your paypal account or you can simply email us and organise that for you, no questions asked.


You taught me more in the time i spent under your guidance than I learn’t in the previous 15 years. You taught me to trust my intuition, pushed my boundaries, and in general helped me to be a better person. Walk this new path with confidence.

A Henderson

Picton NSW

You help, guide and inspired me to find myself and my connections….you were my first guiding light into the spiritual world and i am forever greatful for all you taught me, i am positive that if i did not find you and do your classes i wouldn’t be here today and able to continue my growth, i thank you and hope you have a wonderful mothers day with your family.

S Winning

Ingleburn NSW

What are you waiting for? Your Soul Magic Sacred Circle tribe is here now ready to welcome you.


$AUD 47.00/mth