Are you ready to move forward?

Hello friend,

I know if you are here right now you:

Either you want to hear from a loved one in the Spirit world to know they are doing O’k or  you are seeking professional help and intuitive guidance with where your life is at right now.  I know you want clarity, direction and to feel empowered with moving forward.

I also know that it is likely you are feeling overwhelmed and so busy taking care of your family and everyone else, yet there is a part of you screaming for attention.

Whether you are at a crossroads in your life with your career, your relationship, life in general or understanding the bigger picture of the Soul’s purpose.  I know that working with me really is an investment in you and your healing.  I want you to know that you are not just paying for my time and my psychic insights.  What you are really buying is your clarity, your new sense of direction and your confidence in moving forward in your life.

And I know that you need all of this delivered to you in a practical, down to earth manner that can help you make a difference in real every day terms.

Soul Whispering Session


Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you had a psychic and an intuitive life coach all rolled into one, helping to change your life for the better? I’m different to other psychics because I’m not just going to give you some obscure, fluffy information that leaves you going “okay, but what do I even do with that?!” My work involves having a heart-to-heart with your soul and then lovingly coaching and guiding you through how to manifest what your soul wants for you. That means you leave with practical steps forward and way more clarity and confidence!

Whether you’re struggling with one aspects of your life like your relationships or career or are confused about the bigger picture of the soul’s purpose, I give you the insights and guidance you need to feel confident about the direction you should be taking you’ve life in, so you can move forward with a lighter and more peaceful heart.

This reading is perfect for:

  • You are looking for a general reading
  • Needing insight into your life
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Wealth & Financial Matters
  • Home and Health



Evidential Mediumship Reading


Evidential mediumship helps to reconnect you to your loved one for a moment in time, however the true purpose of Mediumship reveals itself in the healing it can help to unlock.

In each Spirit communication, I promise you to work hard at providing the following, knowing this evidential information has the power to heal and prove the continuous existence of the soul. This is my committment to you.

  • Spirit Identification information: Details that build a picture of who your loved one is.
  • Proof of their consciousness: The information they love to share letting you know they can see what’s happening with you and their family.
  • Healing: An intention to connect with the healing potential within the communication.

Having taught and worked with this concept for many years, I know this process works to provide a well-rounded Mediumship experience so that you are confident in the connection and can relax and therefore obtain the highest potential we can. We all need to reconnect with those we miss from time to time, and I personally understand this more than most, having lost my only brother, Allen to suicide in 1995. The experience which brought about my spiritual awakening, my mediumship and my very own new kind of normal. Let me help you find yours today.



Soul Purpose Session


If like me, you believe in the existence of a pre-birth plan, you will understand that to know the reason why you came to be and how this influences your life is the most empowering thing you can know about yourself.

Allow me to lead you there.

Allow me to uncover what it is you were born to do, who you truly are and the life circumstances, which are designed to support your Destiny.

Allow me to help you transform your life by uncovering the answers you need to create shifts in those all important areas of life; your relationships, health, wealth and career.

In a Soul Purpose consultation with Kerrie you will:

  • Uncover the relevant aspects of your Soul’s blueprint
  • Gain insight into your Soul Agreements.
  • See how your pre-birth plan has defined your past
  • Gain an understanding of how this influences your relationships, your money flow, your health and your career and business.
  • Align significantly more with your Soul and Spirit to live the future you were born to live.

We are all born into this life with one purpose and that is to evolve the soul with wisdom and grow more into love.  Yet, individually how the Soul chooses to experience and achieve this is entirely different for each of us.

The choices are endless, but some of the more common Soul evolving experiences are:

  • Relationships
  • Nurturing and Healing
  • Loss, Pain and Trauma
  • Being of Service
  • Creative and Artistic expression
  • Living one’s truth in difficult circumstances
  • Being challenged with money whether rich or poor
  • Physical health issues



Why you’ll love working with Me

The first time i got a reading from kerrie was a number of years ago at her campbelltown office,it was only a minute or so into the reading and she just blew me away with what she knew about my loved ones that had passed,i came away from that reading feeling very relaxed and loved from what i was told,she has also come to my home for a group reading and again it was mind blowing and very funny as i had forgotten about a certain person that had passed but he had not forgotten me,kerrie has a true gift and it is a great honor to be in her presence while she does he thing.thanks kerrie i still have recording of our first meeting i still listen to them every now and then and pick up on new things i missed.

Belinda Boyd

My reading with Kerrie was correct, life changing and gave me the courage to move forward.
Kerrie explained a woman spirit came through who would not stop touching the back of my son’s head constantly, Kerrie said she won’t stop do you know why, I answered ‘yes’. At the end of my reading Kerrie quickly said I have to tell you something before I go someone is lying to you, someone is lying, I replied “Yes I know”.
My son had a Brain Tumor at 9 yrs of age the reading was exceptional and two weeks before my reading I found out my husband lied to me for 12 years.
Kerrie’s reading bought calm and clarity to me and gave me the strength to move forward with confidence. Thank you Kerrie for the strength you have given me when I needed it the most.

Rhonda Levin


Money Back Guaranteebrand-157839_1280

Investing in any intuitive practitioner goes far beyond the initial outlay of time and money. We often invest our hearts to be able to draw strength in a variety of ways.

I am so committed to valuing our experience together that I offer you a 100% money back guarantee should you not be genuinely completely satisfied.

– Kerrie Wearing

Please note:

  • YOUR CONSULTATION IS conducted via Phone or Skype, Available here for free. And all that is needed is your computer with speaker and a microphone. To enhance your experience we recommend a webcam.
  • International Clients are Welcome
  • Receive a downloadable audio recording of your session
  • PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are not confirmed until your scheduled time is selected and payment is made on the above links.
  • Appointments are currently conducted on TUESDAYS during Australian business hours.
  • In the event of cancellation there is a $30 non-refundable deposit for administration purposes. While cancellations receive with less than 24hours notice do not receive a refund. Of course, rescheduling your appointment is always available and obviously the preferrable option.