Some times you more than a psychic reading 

to bring in the soul shift

we know is there for you.

Some times your not sure of what you really need.

You do however, know two things:

1. You feel lost, unhappy and life just feels like a struggle


2. You also know the answers lie within your Soul and it’s connections to the Universe


This is where my Soul guidance coaching package can help

How it works

3 x highly personalised Zoom coaching sessions


Your Soul Assessment

In your first session, I will use my Mediumship and soul whispering abilities to communicate with your soul to identify and assess what is needed to get you to where you want to be.


Healing & Activation

Your second session focuses on coaching, education and giving you the tools you need going forward to continue unfolding the changes you desire.


Co-create your Destiny

In your final session we identify your goals and create an action plan for you to continue to work towards your dreams and the life you deserve.


Please note: you will receive an email with a code and link to then book your 3 sessions at a time that suits you.

My promise to you