This Module focuses on helping you lay some solid foundations to work through the programs within the Mediumship Academy and therefore to also lay a solid base for your Mediumship to grow and expand from. Below you will find access to all the lessons that make up the Foundation Module.

Video 1 – Helpful Tips

Here are my tips to help get you started.

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Understanding you are a Soul first with a body having a human experience is one thing.  Living it in every moment of every day is quite another. http://www.kerriewearing.com/the-key-to-soul-awareness/ We all lead such busy lifestyles, what with our jobs, raising children, taking care of everyone that we often leave taking care of ourselves a poor last.  This is especially true for most women, who naturally seem to find it difficult to put themselves first. http://www.kerriewearing.com/leaving-room-for-god/

Video 2 – Daily Soul Conversations

  • What is a Daily Soul Conversation?
  • The Benefits of a Daily Soul Conversation
  • How to conduct a Daily Soul Conversation

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Here is a list of sample Daily Soul Conversations you can use.  I also suggest having some fun creating your own.
  • What does my Spirit need today?
  • How can I love myself today?
  • What can I do today to move myself closer to my heart’s desire?
  • How can I love my business today?
  • What can I do today in my business that moves me closer to the success that is there for me?
  • How can I be of service today?
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Video 3 – Meditation

  • Benefits of Meditation
  • What to Expect When Meditating
  • Where You Might Get Stuck

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Desert Dreaming the Meditation is designed to stimulate your heart chakra and expand the connection to spirit through the your heart center.  It may evoke emotion for you which is necessary for a clearer and more expansive link.

Duration: 25mins approx


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Video 4 – The Essence of Oneness

In this last foundational video for this Module, I discuss the essence of Oneness and knowing your true self in the essence of Oneness.

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Get to know your Divine Spirit a little more with this Ultimate Soul Conversation.


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How are you thinking differently so far?  What have you learnt about yourself with this module?


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