Support, Guidance & Direction

Imagine what you could do in this world if you felt confident in your Mediumship with a clear direction and purpose.

I know if you are here right now, you are

spiritually motivated and passionate about helping others.

I know you are seeking to deepen within you, your connection to Spirit and take your Mediumship to new horizons.

And I also know you need the support and guidance of someone who’s walked before you to get there.

Mediumship is for Everyone, not just the “Gifted”

I am proof that you do not have to have psychic abilities as a child to become a psychic. It is not just for the “gifted”. Anyone can learn to increase their intuition and insight. Through psychic training you won’t need to keep turning back to a psychic. Once you are able to tap into your own intuition and wisdom as your internal compass you can stop getting readings and help yourself.

With enhanced psychic abilities you’ll have Increased awareness to handle tough personal situations with love and understanding as opposed to reacting out of anger and feeling insecure. You’ll be able to see the highest potential in others and understand where they are coming from to improve all your relationships – with your partner, with your children, with your friends, colleagues and even strangers!

What if I’m already an experienced Medium would this support group still work for me?

Absolutely! In fact I find a lot of Mediums will feel drawn to work with me when they feel that call to deepen their connection to Spirit and are ready to delve a little deeper within their Soul.

Plus this gives me the opportunity to support and guide you to greater success with your Mediumship business as well.

Imagine this:
  • Your own personal Mediumship Coach
  • A Cheersquad of like-minded Souls
  • An Intuitive business Coach who really gets what its like to operate and create success with a Soul centered business
  • A Safe haven where you will feel supported not judged.

I will help support you to step into your power and stop doubting yourself, thinking you are not gifted enough to do this work or worrying what others will think of you. You’ll be able to stop resisting and rationalising the things you already feel and sense and start embracing yourself which will create flow on effect of confidence and empowerment in all the areas of your life.

The all Important, What’s Included

  • Live fortnightly group coaching calls (via Zoom or Skype)
  • Each session includes hands on psychic and mediumship development exercises
  • Day and Night sessions available
  • Daily support from Kerrie via our private Soul Magic Members FB group
  • Free membership to our Soul Magic Members lounge with additional benefits and even more training

Be Supported with Your Mediumship

You taught me more in the time i spent under your guidance than I learn’t in the previous 15 years. You taught me to trust my intuition, pushed my boundaries, and in general helped me to be a better person. Walk this new path with confidence.

A Henderson

Picton NSW

You help, guide and inspired me to find myself and my connections….you were my first guiding light into the spiritual world and i am forever greatful for all you taught me, i am positive that if i did not find you and do your classes i wouldn’t be here today and able to continue my growth, i thank you and hope you have a wonderful mothers day with your family.

S Winning

Ingleburn NSW