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Money Back Guarantee 

Investing in a psychic or a medium goes far beyond the initial outlay of time and money.

We often invest our hearts to be able to draw strength in a variety of ways.

I am so committed to valuing our experience together that I offer you a 100% money back guarantee should you not be genuinely completely satisfied.

– Kerrie Wearing

Spirit Communication Mediumship Reading

Grief & the loss of a loved one is one of these ways and while mediumship helps to reconnect us for a moment in time, the true purpose of Mediumship reveals itself in the healing it can help to unlock. In each Spirit communication, I promise you to work hard at providing the following, knowing this evidential information has the power to heal and prove the continuous existence of the soul. This is my committment to you.

  • Spirit Identification information: Details that build a picture of who your loved one is.
  • Proof of their consciousness: The information they love to share letting you know they can see what’s happening with you and their family.
  • Healing: An intention to connect with the healing potential within the communication.

Having taught and worked with this concept for many years, I know this process works to provide a well-rounded Mediumship experience so that you are confident in the connection and can relax and therefore obtain the highest potential we can. We all need to reconnect with those we miss from time to time, and I personally understand this more than most, having lost my only brother, Allen to suicide in 1995. The experience which brought about my spiritual awakening, my mediumship and my very own new kind of normal. Let me help you find yours today.

  • Mediumship Readings are conducted via Phone or Skype, Available here for free. And all that is needed is your computer with speaker and a microphone. To enhance your experience we recommend a webcam.
  • International Clients are Welcome
  • Receive a downloadable audio recording of your session
  • 1hr consultations
  • Upon receipt of a payment we will respond within 48hours to arrange your appointment.
  • Appointments are currently during Australian business hours.
  • In the event of cancellation there is a $30 non-refundable deposit for administration purposes. Of course, rescheduling your appointment is preferrable.




investment is

$AUD 150.00

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