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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Hey there fellow lover of Spirit,


What if I was to tell you that Mediumship ability is for everyone and not just a select few?


What if I was to tell you that the world needs more Medium, like you and me?


What if I was to tell you that you can create a Mediumship business that is abundant, allowing you the freedom to focus on helping others and live how you want to live?

And what if I was to tell you that you don’t have to go it alone. That all the support, guidance and resources are right here to help you be the best Medium you can be.


That’s right Kerrie Wearing’s Mediumship Academy is a divinely inSpired, supportive and unbelievably affordable global sacred space for Mediums.  Whether you are new to Mediumship, developing and growing, experienced or a fully fledged professional, my Mediumship Academy is here to support you.

So unique in its format and content that we are not aware of any other online coaching community quite like it, that is specific to the needs of Mediums.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Why I created The Mediumship Academy

In 1996 I discovered my Mediumship and love for Spirit after losing my brother to suicide the year before. Before, I began sitting in spiritual development circles I had no recognizable psychic talent. I didn’t make premonitions and nor did I see dead people as a child. Being that I have nurtured and developed my mediumship ability, I have a unique ability to understand the mechanics of mediumship and truly believe that if I can do it, so can you.

Mediumship is an inherent gift of the soul that is without doubt available to everyone. In fact, I believe that we are evolving towards awakening more everyday Mediums, like you and me who are capable of bringing more love into this world to help heal and evolve the collective consciousness.

Over the years having coached and mentored a lot of people to develop their Mediumship, many of whom have become professional practitioners of Mediumship. I have found that a journey with Mediumship has its own set of unique challenges, with self doubt being just the tip of the iceberg and I wanted to create a sacred space that enables you to be supported and guided in a loving and safe space to not just develop and expand your Mediumship but to also provide you with the resources, coaching and connections to create the successful Mediumship business you desire.


Let’s Check In and See if The Mediumship Academy is right for you:

  • Are you ready to have a life that is created with love, inspiration and centered in Oneness?
  • Do you desire practical tools and teaching to develop and/or expand your evidential Mediumship and ability to communicate with Spirit in a way that reflects credibility and integrity?
  • Are you wanting a life that flows with ease and grace, yet is creatively inSpired from the Divine Spirit within you?
  • Do you need guidance, inspiration, resources and support to take your Mediunship and/or Mediumship business to the next level – where it feels like home and you begin to see results?
  • Do you feel like you are alone and struggling to achieve what you want? You know all too well that one step forward and two steps backward feeling and your not sure what to do next to transform this and have it all flow with ease.




Inside The Mediumship Academy You Will Find:

  • Private One on One Coaching

    Access to One on One Monthly Private Mediumship and Business Coaching.

  • Mediumship Certification

    Access to Mediumship Certification and Endorsement


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Your Bonus Gift from Me to You for Joining!

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Get FREE copies of my books, signed and posted to you just for becoming a member. These are the foundation for the teaching content within the MA and therefore a must have companion.

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What People Say About Working With Kerrie.

You taught me more in the time i spent under your guidance than I learn’t in the previous 15 years. You taught me to trust my intuition, pushed my boundaries, and in general helped me to be a better person. Walk this new path with confidence.

– A Henderson, Picton NSW

You help, guide and inspired me to find myself and my connections….you were my first guiding light into the spiritual world and i am forever greatful for all you taught me, i am positive that if i did not find you and do your classes i wouldn’t be here today and able to continue my growth, i thank you and hope you have a wonderful mothers day with your family.

– S Winning, Ingleburn NSW

I recently attended Kerrie’s workshop Mediumship of the Soul. Before the workshop I had some issues of not fully trusting or been confident while doing readings.

The workshop laid my fears to rest. Now I understand that it’s all about ‘Oneness’ and that we are all connected in spirit weather still living or having passed. I now have a greater understanding of ‘how it works’. I truly trust in the process.

Thank you Kerrie for your knowledge, experience and ability to teach in a way that makes things so clear and uncomplicated.

– A Hunter, Campbelltown NSW

I found that this was not just a ‘Mediumship’  Workshop but  two days of presenting and opening the mind to the Soul.  You present in a way which is  very much “down to earth’ and relatable and made me feel that It is not only for the elite or ‘special’ person.

– M Mattiolo, NSW