The Key to Mastering Meditation

AWARENESS, SELFBalance & HarmonyPEACE, HEALING & SPIRIT Before we get into the tips to help improve your meditations, it is actually quite pertinent to ask why. Why would you want to meditate and what can it do for you?   Learning to meditate first and...

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2018 – My Mediumship Year in Review

 A year of returning to the fold and opening doors once again. And while there was a small increase in growth and the amount of work I did this year, there were also a lot of foundations being laid, readying me for the year that is to come.  Returning to my Champagne...

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The Sensuality Project

  One of my highlights for 2018 was talking with Stacey Herrera on her podcast, the Sensuality Project. During our chat we explored a whole range of topics, all of them deeply personal for me. Stacey and I shared how life feels as you go through the empty nest...

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Spirit Guide Wisdom for Week 15/10/18

Medicine Woman Love Medicine Woman walks with you this week speaking the energy of love and bringing to you that which is in the essence of love for you. However, right now she is still preparing the way and hence the need for the decluttering and letting go process...

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Tips to Understanding Your Signs and Symbols

As we grow into a more spiritual view of life we begin to see the world from a whole different perspective and everything begins to have new meaning for you. This was a particularly exciting time in my life and I enjoyed the whole process discovering the language of...

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Sexy Soul Magic of Sexpo 2018

Look away unless your comfortable talking about sex! You see, you may not know this about me but over the last couple of years I’ve come to believe that our sexuality is an integral part of wellness and wholeness of the Soul. In fact, I’ve come to understand that this...

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