Soul Magic for August 2019

As we enter August we come to it with a new moon in Leo opening that door for us. The moon always guides us to drop into our hearts, hear the wisdom of our hearts and seek the truth that resides below the surface.  She shines her light into our depths and brings to...

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Feminine Spirit TV: What is an Empath?

Welcome to this weeks video: Part 1: Includes insight into this weeks Universal Spirit Energy and we tap into what energy can help you move through your current challenges. This is for Week beginning 22nd July 2019Part 2: What is an Empath and what is the biggest...

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Let’s talk psychic protection

Protecting your energy is the go to or popular solution according to traditional spiritual teachings when it comes to being empathic.  More and more though, those of us with modern views where our spiritual beliefs are founded in the feminine principals of connection,...

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Hearing voices or is it that your Clairaudient?

Does the world some times overwhelm you with noise? You know those moments when it all feels a little too much and overcrowded around your head with thought and noise.  If so then it is well worth considering that you are clairaudient, especially if you literally feel...

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Are you encountering psychic visions?

In my work as a psychic medium, when I'm out and about meeting people or speaking at events one of the more common experiences people like to share with me is how they believe they are seeing the Spirit world.   In moments of hesitation, they will experience any...

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