After the cleansing energies of last week and the upcoming full moon on Tuesday, this week the Universal energies are providing us with the opportunity to re-evaluate and revitalize where we are headed.

This means it is perfect timing to revisit your goals to see how you are tracking and identify whether there are any adjustments that may be needed.

I just love working intuitively with my goals and projects at time such as this.  I believe that each goal has a Soul all of its own, fuelled by our creative energy and the creative energy of those that are involved yet your goal can often have its own soul purpose which you may not be fully consciously aware of, so I always find it very insightful and beneficial to spend some time connecting with the Soul of my goal to see what it can reveal to me.

How do you revisit your goals and creative intentions?  This weeks Soul Wisdom Weekly Forecast report included the step by step intuitive process that I personally use.  Sign up here and I’ll send you the full report.

with love and gratitude,

Kerrie xxx

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This is an extract from my Soul Wisdom Weekly Forecast report that is full of intuitive insights to empower your week around your relationships, your money flow and your career & business. Delivered, FREE each week at 5am Monday morning AEDT.

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